Everlasting Hope

I had something else ready to post for today. But the Lord was speaking this to my heart to share instead.

I don’t know where you are.

I don’t know where you’ve been.

I don’t know how far you’ve gone.

I don’t know where you went wrong.

I don’t know what you’ve done.

I don’t know how far off track you’ve gotten.

I don’t know how cold your heart is.

I don’t know how indifferent you are towards Jesus.

I don’t even know if you believe in Him at all.

But what I do know is, there’s a loving savior calling out to you today to come home. He is ready and waiting with open arms to forgive you of your sin. He is eager to lead you right where you need to be. He has been fervently pursuing your heart. He desires relationship with you. He longs to see you walk out the perfect will He planned for your life since before the foundation of the earth.

He wants to give you the very best!

He wants to love on you!

He wants you to know your worth!

He wants you to find your place!

He wants you to walk in peace!

He wants you to live in truth!

He wants to give you an everlasting hope!

But most of all he wants you to live in eternity with Him.

He is good.

He is ready to forgive.

He is abundant in loving kindness.

He is overflowing in mercy for al who call upon Him.

Call on Jesus today friends. Whatever is holding you back from His best, lay it down today.

He’s never let me down, hurt me, or turned his back on me. He has only brought me good all the days of my life, even the very worst ones. He will do the same for you. ❤️

“For You, O Lord, are good, and ready to forgive [our sins, sending them away, completely letting them go forever and ever]; And abundant in lovingkindness and overflowing in mercy to all those who call upon You.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭86:5‬ ‭AMP‬‬


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Find what you’re looking for.

Come to the table

Today I invite you to join me at the table. Stop messing around trying to fill voids, reach perfection, be fulfilled, be satisfied, be accepted, or find approval in this world. You’ll be left empty and dissatisfied.

I know it looks appealing. I know the worlds table looks luscious and satisfying. I know it all seems to be there. There are so many answers displayed on the table of the world. There are so many solutions to your problems there. You can get filled to the brim off the worlds table! So why not indulge yourself there?

You can if you want. If you want to never be satisfied. If you want to constantly have to try something different from the table. If you want to have to eat more and more and more to try and be satisfied, but never are. If you want to stuff yourself with what looks good only to be left sick because it wasn’t good for you. If you want to know that no matter what you eat from that table or how many times you eat from that table that you’ll never be filled, go right ahead. Take a seat there. Eat up.

But I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way.

Come join me at the table of the Lord.

Come and be filled.

What do you need?

A father?

A mother?

A friend?

A counselor?

A provider?

A financial advisor?

A doctor?

A lawyer?








Whatever you need today child, just come on to the table. Feast on the good things of the Lord. Get anything you need. Get everything you need. He’s prepared it all for us in the midst of this evil world. It doesn’t matter where you’re coming from, there’s a seat prepared here for you. I hope you’ll join me ❤️





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Be complete in Him.

“I searched the world, but it couldn’t fill me.” I don’t think any truer words could ever be spoken in reference to my own personal testimony. I would imagine that every Christian could say the same. What a beautiful thing.

This morning I began to reflect on what a gift it is to be filled with His spirit. Yes, it means gaining supernatural power, strength, and guidance, but for me it’s so much more than that. It means I don’t have to be empty any more.

As humans we naturally have needs. So many studies have come out about the need for human interaction, hugs, human touch, love and nurturing. They all show the same thing. We need connections in order to really thrive physically and mentally. So if that is true for our natural man, how much more is it true for our spiritual man?

I don’t know about you, but when I was living in sin, there was a gaping hole in my life. I tried just about everything I could to fill it. And although some of those things may have satisfied my flesh momentarily, it never satisfied my soul. Let me put it this way. Even the very best the world has to offer will never even fill the tiniest spec of the God shaped hole in you.

Now there are definitely things that satisfy me in this world. I love a good sense of accomplishment. I love reaching a goal of some kind, pushing myself further than I thought I could go. And all of that is great! But it never lasts. I accomplish something, and the thrill is gone shorty after. I then have to immediately set my sights on the next thing so I can reach that high again. It’s exhausting. It never ends. There’s always somewhere higher you can go.

It isn’t like that with the Lord. I’ll never forget when I was filled with His spirit, when I truly made the connection that filled the gaping void in my life. I was whole. I was finally complete. What a sigh of relief that brought to me! I didn’t have to strive any more and go from one thing to the next. I didn’t have the sole responsibility of fulfilling all of my desires any more. I could rest.

Sure I still love to set goals and accomplish new things. I love to obtain my earthly desires. But the difference is, I don’t depend on that anymore to fill me. It’s all just a nice bonus. I can walk through life knowing that if I never reach another goal or obtain another earthly desire, I’ll be just fine. How can I do that? Because I am complete in Christ. I no longer need the things of this life to define me.

I struggle to walk in that truth some days. When my tank gets low for one reason or another my old ways try to creep in. I try to get filled back up with accomplishment or perfectionism or whatever looks shiny in the moment, but it quickly gets me frustrated and discouraged. That is why I have to make sure that I keep my tank filled with Him. That’s why the Bible talks over and over again about continuing to be in a state of spiritual overflow. It doesn’t leave any room for anything other than the Lord.

Whatever you’re striving for today to fill you, just stop. Set your sights on the Lord, and know that you are complete in Him! If you’re spiritual tank is low, get in the word, get in prayer, get reconnected with the Lord.

He is the head of all principality and power. He can definitely handle taking care of you. Rest today child, and just be complete in Jesus. ❤️

“And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:”

Colossians 2:10 KJV





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A long way off.

A long way off

This morning as I was reading my Bible the word began to correct me in some areas of my life. Now I’ll admit that I hate correction. Who doesn’t, right? But as I was being corrected by the word this morning, it hit me that I didn’t hate correction from the Lord. In fact, I desire it. As I read on, I realized why. It’s because there has never been a time in my life that the Lord has corrected me, that He hasn’t done it in it love.

Now I don’t mean He was nice about it. People are typically nice when they offer you correction. Like, “here let me smile at you and speak gently as I tell you all that you’re doing wrong.” The Lord isn’t always nice about it. He IS always very plain with me. He tells me exactly what the problem is with no sugar coating. So why is that something I long for? It’s because He does it in love!

Not human love. But no conditions, endless, boundless, I want the absolute best for you, go to the end of time and beyond for you, pursue you fervently kind of love. That’s where the Lord corrects me from. And as I read this verse, so much gratitude filled my heart.

“So he got up and came to his father. But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and was moved with compassion for him, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.”

Luke 15:20 AMP

The prodigal son. I’ve read it, heard it, taught it, but today it hit me differently. Today all I felt was love. So many days I come to the Lord and I am a long way off. I haven’t followed his instructions, heeded his correction, and I’ve missed the mark. But no matter any of that. He sees me coming, no matter how far off I am, and He is moved with compassion for me. He is there with open arms ready to cover me in His love. He embraces me, mistakes and all. He loves me, the absolute mess that I am. He welcomes me gladly although I am not worthy to be in His presence.

He knows where I’ve been, what I’ve said, what I’ve done, what I’ve missed. He knows what I’ve picked up again, what I’m struggling with, what I’m failing at. He sees my pain, my desires, my heart. He knows me, all of me. And none of that phases His love for me. None of that hinders him from watching and waiting anxiously for me to come into view. None of that stops Him from pulling out all the stops to dote on me as I enter His presence.

I may be a long way off some days, but Jesus is always waiting on my return. Maybe you’re a long way off today. Maybe you’ve just not been willing to pay the price for His perfect will, and you’ve been settling for less. Maybe you’ve been slacking in your reading, your prayer time, going to church. Maybe you’ve been disobedient. Maybe you’ve got some sin in your life. Maybe you picked up some old habits. Maybe you’ve become a backslider. Or maybe you’ve felt Jesus calling you, and you’ve never accepted Him.

Whatever the reason you’re feeling a long way off today, know that it doesn’t matter. Start making your way to your Father. I promise He’s looking for you. He’ll be waiting there with a celebration prepared. Yes, He will correct you in whatever got you a long way off, but it’ll be in the most beautiful, loving way. Go to the Father today child, He’s waiting on you. ❤️





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Climb over the rubble.

So as the Lord continues to deal with me about change, and tearing down walls of fear, He’s also preparing me to move forward once those walls have crumbled. He never sends us into anything unprepared. He will always lead and guide us through anything He calls us to. Know that today. Whatever the Lord is calling you to, He’s preparing you for.

So what happens when you face your fears, and the Lord tears down those walls to your promised land? What then? As I was reading the story of Jericho again this morning the Lord spoke so clearly to me through this verse:

“When they make a long blast with the ram’s horn, and when you hear the sound of the trumpet, all the people shall cry out with a great shout (battle cry); and the wall of the city will fall down in its place, and the people shall go up, each man [going] straight ahead [climbing over the rubble].””

Joshua 6:5 AMP

The Lord clearly directs the children of Israel here. He tells them not to hesitate. Once those walls fall to the ground, go straight ahead, and climb over the rubble to your promised land. Boy, that set my soul on fire this morning. I heard the Lord saying that the minute your walls of fear standing between you and His promises crash down, it’s time to move! Don’t worry about all the mess. Don’t worry about the remnants of those fears. Don’t worry about the junk you accumulated to build those walls that’s scattered before you. Don’t worry about the rubble of the walls! Get up, move straight ahead, and climb over the rubble!

Now any time I’ve had any experience with climbing over rubble, I’ve been injured in some way. It’s hard to get over a big pile of rubble. It’s not stable. It’s messy. There are stray pieces sticking out here and there to hinder you. You may get caught on something. You may stumble. You may fall. Basically It’s not easy to let go of living in the comfort of our fears and stepping out into the promises of God. But you can do it!

If you find your self feeling unstable as you climb, know that you are planted on solid ground in Christ. Know that no matter how messy it may look to start with, Gods promises are sure. If you get caught on something or hung up somewhere, break loose at any cost and move towards your promise! If you stumble, don’t worry about who’s watching, let the Lord hold your hand, and keep moving! If you fall, let Jesus pick you up, and start right where you left off!

It’s not enough to confront your fears. It’s not enough to watch those walls crumble. It’s not enough to see your promised land for the first time after the walls fall. You have to climb over the rubble, and plant yourself right smack in the middle of all that God has for you.

Let’s not miss it. We’ve got one shot in this life. Let’s make it count! Let’s get all God has for us! Let’s climb over the rubble! ❤️





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What are you afraid of?

Fear is a terrible thing. It can be created in people in many different ways, but living with it always comes with a cost. What is it costing you?

It’s been on my heart a lot lately to chase after some things I’ve been afraid of. I’m not that old, but there are some things in my life that I feel like I’ve been miserable in for wayyy too long, and life is wayyy to short. Some days I feel like I’m just going to burst if something doesn’t change! I know God put me in these places for a season. I’ve learned, I’ve struggled, and I’ve grown in these places, but I feel the seasons changing in my life. And while that comes as a huge relief, it also brings a whole lot of fear for me. It means saying goodbye to the things I’ve become comfortable in even though they make me miserable, and saying hello to things my heart desires but that will challenge my faith in ways I’ve never experienced.

It seems like it would be an easy decision to move towards the desires God put in my heart instead of staying in a place of misery right? I wish it was. I just keep thinking about the children of Israel having to literally be forced out of slavery, to the Egyptians in order to be brought into a land of abundance and a life of miracles and relationship with almighty God. Like, what was there to think about, right? They were slaves!!! So when Moses came to get them, why wouldn’t they have been falling over each other trying to get out of that place as quickly as they could? The answer? Fear.

Fear of the unknown. Now I’m just speculating, because I wasn’t there, but from the looks of it, fear was telling them all kinds of things.

Fear was telling them they would never be able to escape Pharaoh.

God was telling them He set them free from Pharaoh.

Fear was telling them that even if they did escape, Pharaoh would come and capture them again and either make things much worse or just kill them.

God was telling them He would take care of Pharaoh.

Fear was telling them they would die of hunger and thirst in the wilderness.

God was telling them He would provide.

Fear was telling them to turn around and go back because being miserable slaves was better than what they would face in the unknown of the wilderness.

God was telling them to keep moving, there was a promised land ahead.

Fear was telling them they would never be able to conquer the people in the city of the promised land.

God was telling them all they had to do was walk in and take it.

Fear in the children of Israel caused disobedience to God. It does the same in us. Fear caused thousands and thousands of them to perish before they saw the promised land. It does the same to us. Fear caused Moses, the man of God we admire thousands of years later, to disobey God in a simple act and miss the promised land after decades of hard work and dedication leading them there.

Fear is nothing but a lie. Do you see that theme? Fear was the opposite in this story to what God said. It’s the same thing for us today. Fear is the opposite of what God says. God is truth. Fear is a lie. So why are we so willing to believe fear over God, and so quick to pay the cost of living in fear instead of reaping the promises of God? I don’t know about you, but fear has cost me enough already. I’m ready to be done with it. I’m ready to be a part of the generation that walks in faith like those who marched around the walls of Jericho to reach the promised land.

I’m ready to be one of the ones that starts taking territory in this world for the Lord. I want to start taking the territory of my home back, my health back, my relationships, my wealth, all of it. I want so many resources, both spiritually and naturally that it puts Satan in fear when I rise up in the morning. I want him to be like the people of Jericho in this verse the Lord spoke to me through this morning. Read it and read it again.

“Now Jericho [a fortified city with high walls] was tightly closed because [of the people’s fear] of the sons of Israel; no one went out or came in.”

Joshua 6:1 AMP

I want to break down the walls of fear between me and my promised land. I want the enemy to tightly lock his gates in fear of what God will do in my life. I want him to be Paralyzed to make a move in fear of what God will do with it. I want to come and go and make a difference for the Lord in every single step. Maybe you’re ready too. Maybe you’ve had all you can stand of being in a place where your time has expired.

Today is the day. Let’s start marching around those walls. Make a list of all the walls of fear between you and the plans and promises of God for your life. List the desires of your heart and then the list of fears keeping you from them.

As Gods children we shouldn’t be the ones living in fear! It should be the opposite! Let’s put fear back in its place, with Satan. And let’s watch those walls come crashing down.

The Lord wants so much for you child! ❤️





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Our hands are the same.

Yesterday Lydia and I were in the kitchen playing and she grabbed my hand and said “Look mom! Our hands are the same!” Now I don’t exactly why she said that, but I couldn’t get it off my mind all day. I pray daily for the Lord to speak to me, and it’s always a surprise how He does it. Yesterday it was through my three year old.

As that statement ran through my mind, I heard the words of this verse spoken in my heart: “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, whither thou goest.”
‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭9:10‬ ‭KJV‬‬

It hit me so hard. I was struggling tremendously with the feeling of “never good enough” yesterday. I struggle with that a lot, but it was so heavy for some reason. I guess perfectionism runs through my veins, for one. Perfectionism is such a lie of the enemy.

I often feel that my life is so fast paced that I can’t ever do any one thing really well, but just barely get through each one. I’d love to be the best at all I do, but it’s not possible. I beat my self up about it all the time, and feel as if I’ll never know what my full potential is because there simply aren’t enough hours in a day.

I do need to eliminate some things from my schedule. I do need to slow down a bit. But I don’t ever need to feel like becuase I can’t be perfect at everything I do, that I didn’t do it well. The Lord doesn’t require perfection. He does require hard work. Not work to earn our salvation, because He’s already taken care of that. But the work that our hands find to do each day. He simply wants us to tackle every task with all we’ve got.

Some days I’ve got more than others. Some days I’ve got more resources, time, or energy to tackle tasks with. Other days I really don’t have much to work with. But no matter, on an abundant day, or a day of barely anything to go on, it’s always enough. If simply do whatever it is with all my might, even if it’s just a little, then that’s enough.

I wish I could do all the things for all the people all the time. I can’t. But what I can do is do whatever my hands find to do with all I’ve got and know that I’m pleasing to the Lord in that.

Our hands are the same. My hands, Lydia’s little hands, and your hands. They’re all the same! It doesn’t matter that the work they find to do is different, our hands are still the same. They are all required to work with all their might towards the glory of God. So whether your hands are cleaning toilets, turning the pages of your bible, laying on another in prayer, preparing a meal, selling, buying, fixing, typing, clapping, raised in worship, lifting another up, driving, carrying, holding, keeping… whatever your hands are found doing, let it be with all your might, and know that’s good enough.

Your hands may look different than others, and what they find to do may be different, but in the eyes of the Lord, they’re all the same. None big, none little, but all hands can be mighty in their own way❤️


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God is not afraid of impossible odds.

I’ve been in some really bad places in my life. Some parts of my life are still not in a great place. I feel like I’ve dealt with certain things for so long that every scenario has played out. Every resource spent. Every last bit of energy drained. Every prayer said. Every last idea exhausted on how to change it. I see it as a dry desolate wilderness. God sees it as the perfect opportunity to do what He does.

The children of Israel were literally in a dry desolate wilderness. They saw it as a death sentence. They cried out against God. They questioned His ability to provide for them. They asked “can God furnish a table in the wilderness?” Are you to that point? Are you questioning if God can even do what you need done? Well let me put your mind at ease…

He absolutely can!

I don’t care what your situation looks like.

I don’t care what kind of hot mess your life is.

I don’t care what kind of chaos you are living in.

I don’t care how desolate, or how dry your desert place is.

I don’t care how impossible the odds are in your life.

God is not afraid of any of it!! Don’t hesitate to call out to Him becuase you think you’re too far gone. God specializes in making the impossible possible. Believe me, there’s nothing you could bring to the Lord that He’s not seen before.

Bring your mess. Bring your hard stuff. Bring your burdens, your tears, your sins, your mistakes, your longings, your failures, your questions, your struggles. Bring it all to Jesus. He’s able child. ❤️

“Yea, they spake against God; they said, Can God furnish a table in the wilderness?”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭78:19‬ ‭KJV‬‬


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Don’t get it mixed up.

The Lord started dealing with me on the subject of prayer a while back, and continues to challenge me there. This particular subject of not mistaking thinking about something for praying about it comes up a lot.

Over the years I’ve found myself asking the Lord about certain things in my life. Like “Lord why haven’t you answered this?” Or “Lord I asked you for this a long time ago, and nothing’s happening!”. In his loving kindness one day He just answered me very plainly about something I was accusing Him of not doing. He said “Leiah, you’ve thought about that a lot, but you never actually prayed about it. You never actually talked to me about it.”

Talk about a wake up call. I missed the most basic principle of prayer. I missed the communication. I went over every detail in my mind of my problem. I went over every scenario I could think of. I came up with a solution I would like to see, the answer I wanted. The problem is, I never took my petition to the Lord. I was waiting for an answer to a question I never asked, a solution to a problem I never presented. I was expecting the Lord to invade a situation I never asked Him into.

It’s like throwing a huge party, not sending out the invitations, and being mad when no one shows up.

I pray regularly. But I also think about certain things a lot and never actually turn my thoughts into prayers. I never actually nail down a time to communicate my heart to the Lord and ask for His help. But the difference since my wake up call? I catch myself. When I go into extensively thinking about a certain thing, I catch my self and convert those thoughts into prayer.

It’s great to think about things. Our brains are powerful tools. But prayer is way more powerful. When we pray, we add a supernatural power in the mix. What is limited by our abilities becomes unlimited when the Lord is involved.

Ever prayed to be able to figure something out and then all of the sudden something goes off like a lightbulb? I have. Most days I need all the help I can get. My brain gets tired. I run out of ideas. My knowledge is limited. My wisdom is limited. My experience is limited. So why exhaust myself trying to be God when I could just turn my thoughts into prayers, and let Him handle things?

Rest your head today child. Turn those thoughts into prayers, and leave it at His feet. He is able. ❤️

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

Matthew 7:7 KJV





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Pray before you overthink.

I’m a professional overthinker. I can over think anything! Give me a broad answer about something, I’ll overthink it to death. Solid, direct answers ease my anxieties caused by overthinking. And I always get exactly that from the Lord. That’s why it’s so important for me to pray before I let my self begin to overthink. It’s a daily struggle for me.

Once I go down that path and let my mind begin to race about something, my anxiety begins to rise quickly. Before you know it I’m all excited about something that’s more than likely not even real. That’s a dangerous place to be. It can cause division in your relationships, hostility towards others, discontent, worry, pain, insecurity, depression, anxiety, stress, hopelessness, etc., all over something that may or may not even be legit.

It’s only when I take time to pray about things that I can proceed in peace. Prayer is the biggest prospective adjuster in our lives. It puts us in the presence of a good God. It shines light on things. It allows us to speak out loud the cares of this life, and receive answers and direction from the one who knows all things and wants the very best for His children. It allows us most importantly to compare anything and everything to truth.

If something is causing you to overthink, take it to the Lord in prayer. If it lines up with His truth, take that solid answer and be at peace with it. If it doesn’t line up with His truth, take that thought (or 193838 thoughts) captive and put them out of your mind.

He doesn’t want us to walk around with our minds going 800mph in the wrong direction all the time oozing anxiety. He calls us to walk in peace. We can only do that when we stop the overthinking and start instead taking everything to Him in prayer. ❤️

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.”

Philippians 4:6 KJV





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