He’s bringing you out.

He’s bringing you out.

For what seems like an eternity I’ve been in a lonely, desolate, relentlessly trying land. So many days I couldn’t catch my breath. The pain was so real. Those days turned into weeks. The weeks turned into months. Before I knew it, years of my life were consumed. Worst of all, I actually got used to living that way. Defeated, rejected, in crisis mode, just surviving, not remembering my worth, not even remembering who I was anymore. But the Lord is faithful.

One day I woke up to see the reality of where I was. I heard the Lord speaking to me that it was time. It was time for my second chance. It was time for me to blossom into the woman he created me to be all along. It was time to come out of the wilderness. I wish I could say it was something that just happened for me. It wasn’t. The first step out of my wilderness was agreeing that I would follow the Lords instructions to me. He told me it wasn’t going to be easy. He warned me I was going to have to dig up some deep hurts, and let Him heal the places I didn’t want to talk about. He told me It would be the hardest thing I would ever do. He didn’t tell me all I would face, or anything specific, but He did tell me that He would be right there with me, fighting for me every step of the way.

I couldn’t have imagined what the journey out of my wilderness would look like. It’s the most difficult road I’ve walked down yet. It has brought grief, pain, and sorrow. It’s challenged me in ways I never have been challenged before. It’s made me accept that my biggest fears have now become my reality. But I’ve also learned that my biggest fears weren’t quite as big as I thought they were. I’m okay. I’m going to continue to be okay. I’m coming out.

I’m still walking in some hard places. I’m still dealing with some big things. I still hear those behind me calling me back to that wilderness I was in for so long. But I’ll never turn back. I’ve tasted and seen that the Lord is good. He has shown me enough of my promised land to know that this is where I belong. I’ve fallen seamlessly into a life I never could have imagined. I don’t have to struggle to find my place here. This was prepared long in advance for me. That means I don’t have to “make it work” or “just get through” any of it. It works for me because it was tailor made for me. There is no adjusting, or maneuvering to fit into my new life. It’s effortless living here. I belong here. This was chosen especially for me. I was chosen especially for this. It hits different.

Instead of being crushed under the weight of disappointment and heartache, I’m crushed under the weight of the overflow of Gods goodness. I am oozing thankfulness from a grateful heart, rather than bitterness from a broken one. I don’t have to wonder if I’ll ever fit in or be accepted here. I know this is where I belong. I’m still working extremely hard, but nothing is a struggle. I’m not working hard to survive, I’m working hard to thrive. I’m still learning and growing, but not from a place of necessity and fear of being completely destroyed. I am learning and growing from a place of wisdom and peace. I am still overwhelmed some days, but not with hopelessness and grief. I am overwhelmed instead with the excitement and wonder of navigating these new territories successfully.

The wilderness is always waiting to take me back. But being welcomed into a place you can never thrive is called rejection. I’ll never live there again. You shouldn’t either. Any wilderness you’ve faced was only meant for a season. It was only ever meant to take you straight to your promised land. Don’t get confused there like the children of Israel and start thinking that’s where you’re meant to stay. Don’t take that 40 year detour. Don’t walk around in circles being convinced that this is the life you were destined to have. ITS NOT.

Your wilderness is simply a place for you to see all the things that you’re promised land is not going to be. It’s a place you’ll learn the sting of rejection. It’s a place you’ll learn heartache and betrayal. It’s a place you’ll feel so uncomfortable you can’t stand yourself. Your weaknesses will be revealed there, and your strengths will be challenged on every side. You’ll learn your limits. You’ll see Gods power. You’ll learn all the things you don’t want to be. You’ll learn all the things you can’t tolerate. You’ll see the reality of despair. You’ll learn to follow the Lord there. You’ll learn what it feels like to be desperate for Jesus in a way that teaches you to find Him in the midst of any storm. You’ll find out that He’s never going to leave you. You’ll learn that you’re never alone. You’ll see that you’ll never lack any good thing no matter where you are when you serve the Lord. You’ll discover that He is ALWAYS enough.

The wilderness is dry and desolate, and brutal. But there isn’t one wilderness I’ve walked through in my life that I don’t later look back on as a place of great beauty. It’s a beautiful thing to see the hand of God work in the darkest times of your life. It’s beautiful to look back and see the times He reached down to save you from drowning in your sorrows. It’s beautiful to see His relentless love chase you down as you ran away in confusion and desperation to find love in all the wrong places. It’s beautiful to see the things He helped you face and overcome. It’s beautiful to see how He was molding you and shaping you through the things you didn’t think you would survive. It’s beautiful to know that those bad things would have happened anyway, but because of His great love for you he didn’t waste one single thing, but used it ALL for your good. The wilderness is a beautiful place in hindsight. But you MUST walk out of your wilderness and get to your promised land to see that.

He bringing you out today child. He’s calling you forward. He reminding you that you can.

You can break loose!

You can overcome!

You can make it out!

You can be brave enough to take that first step! You can walk into the greatest season of your life after the very worst!

You can enjoy the blessings of God!

You can thrive!

You can live in peace!

You can belong somewhere!

You can have a life that is above or beyond anything you could have imagined for yourself. When the Lord brings you out, He leads you straight into a place just for you. Follow His lead today. Whatever you feel like you need to stay in your wilderness for… you don’t. Let it go. Leave it behind. Don’t miss what the Lord has for you because you’re unsure of what it may be. It’s going to be perfect, because He is perfect, and He loves you perfectly.

Come out today child, the Lord is waiting with a life beyond compare.

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20 NLT





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3 thoughts on “He’s bringing you out.

  1. Me too! I have actually been saving this particular post to read once completing a tough road myself. Knew your words would be EXACTLY what I needed to hear. Growing is not easy. I have lost some friends in doing what God has asked me to do. Have lost hair and gained weight. Have cried much and slept little. Still I rejoice. Still I stand. I thank God for your obedience. Your words never fail to refresh me when I have been especially fought or tired. I thank you. Be encouraged and keep fighting the good fight. We have won. Already. Keep going…


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