There is a place for me.

As I was listening to a precious couple sing tonight, this truth came over me like a flood. There is a place for me.

I’m currently in a stage of life I never dreamed I would be in. I am coming out of a vast wilderness of loneliness, heartache and betrayal. I am coming from somewhere in which there was never a place for me. The realization of that is gut wrenching. I look back over the years I so desperately tried to make room for myself. The great lengths I went to just to find the slightest glimmer of acceptance. Rejection however, was my grim reality. I’m so deeply saddened to remember the misery brought on by that. It caused so many things to shift in me.

With rejection coming at me full blast, I wasnt sure of who I was any more. I couldn’t find value in myself. I had such a hard time believing that there was anything about me worth knowing or caring about. I couldn’t focus wholeheartedly on anything for fear I wouldn’t have what it took to accomplish that thing. I believed all the lies. I thought I wasn’t good enough, or strong enough, or capable enough. I thought all the wrong in my life was my fault. I went from confident to confused. I fought so hard every day to remember that the Lord created me with a purpose even though I couldn’t quite figure out how to fulfill it from there. It was such a miserable life. But the Lord didn’t leave me there. He brought me out.

He brought me out of that wilderness and has so graciously reminded me that there is a place for me. There is a place for me in my Fathers house. He made room for me when I didn’t even deserve it. He took time and put great thought into this place. He considered me when making it. He knew my strengths and weaknesses. He considered my gifts and talents. He created a place in his house where I could flourish and prosper. And then he loved me relentlessly to get me to this place.

It is in this place I find His perfect will for me. It is here that I find rest and peace. It is here I get strength and encouragement. It is here I find acceptance and unconditional love. It is here He reminds me of who I am, and of all the beautiful things He created me to be. It is here He teaches me how to love my self and others. It is here He allows me to grow and learn. It is here where He loves the Leiah he created into existence.

I never have to fight for a place with the Lord. He is constantly drawing me there. I never have to beg for His attention or affection because He dotes on me continuously. I never have to make an argument of why I’m good enough to be loved. He loves me relentlessly and unconditionally. I never have to wonder where I stand with Him. He is clear and precise and open and truthful. I never have to fear the deep cut of betrayal. The Lord is faithful to me. I never have to wonder if what He says can be trusted. His word is truth. I never have to wonder if He has my back. He fights for me unapologetically. I never have to wonder if His love is true. He is jealous for me.

His kindness and goodness and mercy and Grace abound in the place He has for me. His love overflows there. His peace pours out. All that He has for me is made clear in this place. It is my place. There is a place just for me.

I’ll never turn back. I’ll never fight for a place with anyone again. I will abide in my Fathers house with confidence that He will make room for me wherever I need to be. He will always make a place for me.

I don’t know if you’re roaming around your own wilderness wondering if you’ll ever find your place. But I’m here to remind you today that there is a place for you. There is a place especially prepared for you in your Fathers house. He’s calling you out today. He’s calling you out of your wilderness and into the place He has for you.

Don’t hesitate. Let go, and move on. Go to the place He has prepared. You’ll find everything you need there, and so much more.

“The Lord will not reject his people; he will not abandon his special possession.”

Psalms 94:14 NLT





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