Let Him on your boat.

Let Him on your boat

Have you ever been trying to do something and it just feels like you’re treading water? You know you’re on the right path. You know it’s where you’re supposed to go, but you just can’t seem to get there. I’ve been there more times than I care to admit. Thankfully there’s a solution to your problem. His name is Jesus.

As I read this story in the Book of John, there are so many miraculous things going on. Jesus is healing people hundreds at a time. He is performing miracles signs and wonders. The people are hearing about Him and seeking him out by the thousands. They even want to make Jesus their King. At that point Jesus had to slip away, because He knew that wasn’t what He was here for. His Disciples were right there along for the ride.

But as Jesus has slipped away, His disciples don’t know where He is or when He will be coming back. But what they do know is that they need to get to Capernaum. So they went without Jesus. It was around 6-8 miles to cross the sea and get there. But they were struggling. It was night, and the sea was rough. They barely made it about half way there and then Jesus showed up. Isn’t that just like Him to show up when we can’t go any further?

The disciples saw Jesus walking on the water towards them. It says they were frightened by it. I mean, out in a boat in the middle of the night with the waves beating against you, and then you see someone come walking up on the water? I’m sure it was a bit terrifying. But once Jesus confirmed that it was Him, they were willing to take him on their boat. Now all of that is miraculous and amazing. But it’s the last part of that story that gets me every time.

Just as soon as they were willing to take Jesus on their boat (aka the struggle bus) it says that they immediately reached the shore of where they were headed. They immediately made it to their destination. Talk about miraculous. This is it. There was no more guess work of should they turn back, or have even gone in the first place. There was no more barely surviving the raging sea. There was no more struggling alone. There was no more fear of if they would make it there or not. There was no more wondering if this would be the thing that took them out. They were not only reassured that they were on the right path, but they got their faster than humanly possible all because they let Jesus on their boat.

Where are you headed today that you were sure about when you started the journey, but the crashing waves of resistance have caused you to stop making progress? Where is it that you’re headed after hearing the Lord direct you there, that you can’t seem to take one more step towards? Where is it that you started your journey to without Jesus? Wherever it is, if you let Him on your boat, He will get you there, and more quickly than you could have dreamed.

It sounds funny to say that you headed out on a journey because the Lord lead you that way, but you didn’t actually take the Lord with you. But we do it all the time. We get the vision, the confirmation, the instructions, and then we run off and try to do it all on our own. Then we end up struggling every step of the way only to end up half way there, and sitting in the middle of a storm wondering why we ever started in the first place. But let that end today.

Remember why you started.

Remember what the Lord told you.

Remember the instructions He gave you.

Remember the vision He placed in your heart that you are running towards.

But more than anything remember that He never intended for you to go at it alone. Invite Him on your boat.

He will lead you and guide you and help you and encourage you every step of the way.

He will take every wasted moment and do things in an instant that you couldn’t do in a lifetime.

He is good. He is faithful.

Let Jesus get you to shore today. Don’t give up on your journey, but instead, let Jesus propel you to the finish line.

He never intended for us to do any of this alone.

“Then they were willing to take Him on board the boat, and immediately the boat reached the [shore of the] land to which they were going.”

John 6:21 AMP





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