A New year, a new thing.

After feeling like it was never going to happen 2020 has abruptly come to an end, and we are speeding into a new year.

The start of a new year has had me feeling all kinds of ways. I have to admit I was extremely anxious knowing 2021 was about to begin. I wasn’t anxious in a dread kind of way, but in an excited way. The Lord pushed me out of soo many comfort zones last year. He challenged me to break free from old mindsets, old bonds of unforgiveness, old ways of doing things, destructive patterns, and so much more. He dug deep, and gave me second chances to deal with things that I had been running from hard and fast for a long time. He also helped me face some brand new things head on. New challenges, new illnesses, new fears, so many new things. But through the old and the new He was faithful.

Dealing with all the things was completely excruciating. It was also wonderful. Growth for me has never come without some really painful work. There was a lot of changing last year, and even more painful work behind it. But no need for applause. I was kicking and screaming most of the time, even though I agreed to follow the Lord through all of it.

Let’s face it, I never want to do the hard work involved in becoming who the Lord has called me to be. But I know it’s the only way I can get there. And I know that’s exactly where I want to be. I know each and every step is lead by Him. I know He has my best interest in mind, and wants me to have the very best He has to offer and nothing less. I know that anything I go through will be worth it 1000 times over when I see just where it takes me. I know that being pushed out of my comfort zone is terrifying, but exciting when I know the Lord is behind it.

With this new year I am looking for all the new things the Lord wants to do in me. I am looking for all the new places he wants to take me, and all the old things He is calling me to let go of. I’m nowhere near perfect and even if He works on me day and night for the next 365 days I still won’t come close. But that doesn’t mean He can’t do amazing things in me and through me if I’m willing to trust Him with what I’ve got. And guess what? He’ll do the same for you.

I believe with all my heart that with this new year He is calling us out into the deep to trust Him with our lives like never before. And I believe if we will answer that call we will see miracles signs and wonders happen right before our eyes in even the smallest details of our lives.

Listen carefully this year to the voice of the Lord. Be aware of what He is doing, and what He wants to do in you. You’ll see roads pop up in your wilderness that lead to places you could have never dreamed. You’ll see rivers appear in your desert place and provisions and resources you didn’t know existed.

Trust Him child, it’s time to move forward into His plans for you.

“Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19 AMP





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