He Holds Back The Seas

As I was praying in my car the other morning, i suddenly became overwhelmed with thankfulness to the Lord. All the memories of the things that should have taken me out came flooding to my mind. All the things I couldn’t handle. All the things I wasn’t strong enough for. All the things that their magnitude and weight should have crushed me. All the times I didn’t know how I was going to make it. All the days I didn’t know how I could survive. All of the impossible circumstances. All of the devastating heartbreaks. All of the unexpected blows of betrayal. It all came rushing in.

But rather than a feeling of sadness for the things that were so trying, I began to rejoice. It sounds crazy doesn’t it? Why would I rejoice over all the bad that has befallen me over the past few years? The answer is simple. Because Jesus held back the seas for me.

As bad as those things were, they weren’t what they could have been. They were violent and raging storms, but they didn’t take me out. The Lord held back the worst of it. He gave me strength to withstand the beating of the waves. When my head went under, and I couldn’t breath, he breathed life into me. When my boat sank, He told me to let go of the broken pieces and walk with Him on the water. When the hurt was more than I could bear, He bore it for me. When I couldn’t see past my tears, He lead me by the hand. When I didn’t think things could get worse, and they did, He encouraged and comforted me. When provisions were cut short, He made what I had go further than it should have. He never left me.

Rejoicing over the most horrible times of my life may seem funny to some, but not if you know Jesus. If you know Him, you know that you can look back over those times and see where He held back the seas for you. You can see His fingerprints on every single thing you’ve faced. You can see His love and tenderness towards you. You can see His mighty power at work. You can see that fourth man in the fire. You can see all the things that could have been, or should have been, but weren’t. You can see that when others made choices that hurt you, He stepped in to comfort you and remind you that you can’t make choices for other people. You can see just How faithful and true He is.

He truly is all that He says He is. He is all that we read about Him being in the Bible. He is all that we hear about Him being in the testimonies of His Saints. And He is even more than all of that. There is no height nor depth that can measure Him. He is limitless, and boundless. He is all that we will ever need.

Maybe you’re in the middle of a violent storm today. Know that you’re going to make it. He is holding back the seas for you.

Maybe you just made it out of a violent storm. As you get your bearing, know that He held back the seas for you.

Maybe you’re looking back on where you’ve been. Look at all the seas He held back for you.

Rejoice child, He is the one who holds back the seas for you.

“Many hardships and perplexing circumstances confront the righteous, But the LORD rescues him from them all.”

Psalms 34:19 AMP





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