He’s not going anywhere.

He’s not going anywhere.

I’ll admit that I don’t always please the Lord in everything. I’m guilty of going through portions of my day without asking for His guidance. I make quick decisions sometimes without ever stopping to consult with the Lord. I’m stubborn, and act just plain ridiculous sometimes. I get angry and let my mouth run away. I act spoiled and pitiful and entitled sometimes. I let my thoughts get carried away sometimes. I get myself in some big messes and then come running to the Lord to get me out of them. Man it looks bad when you write it all down like that. But let’s be real, even some of the most known believers were hot messes. Look at Abraham David or Peter. Being human never gives us the excuse to sin, but it does explain why we do. Since the fall of man in the garden, It’s our nature. God knows that. But he also knows our hearts.

Does He want us to sin and be disobedient? Absolutely not. Is it okay to sin against Him? Most definitely not. Does He expect more of us than He gets most days? Absolutely. He knows all the things about us. How we act, why we act, when we’re going to act. Our thoughts, our feelings, our motives, our weaknesses, our strengths, our desires. He knows it all.

Can you imagine knowing EVERYTHING about someone and still loving them and showing up for them every day? It’s easy to answer that question by saying yes. But living that out is so incredibly hard. It requires grace, mercy, forgiveness and patience. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a hard combination to live out when you know the bad about someone. Especially when that bad has hurt you deeply.

Did you know it hurts God when we act out in disobedience and sin, yet He still shows up for us every single day? He knows all the bad, but pursues us fervently without ceasing. He sees our weaknesses, yet loves us with an everlasting love.

There isn’t a moment He isn’t there for you. You may forget Him, but He’s never forgotten one detail about you or your life. You may not want to live for Him, but He lived and died and rose again for you. You may not want to admit you need it, but He is ready and willing to pour out his mercy grace and forgiveness to you.

You may go astray, but He’s not going anywhere.

His faithful love endures forever.

He is good, and ready to show you just how good your life was meant to be with Him.

He’s here today. He’s here for me. He’s here for you. He’s not going anywhere. So why not let Him be all that He desires to be in your life and lighten your load today? ❤️





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