Just like He said.

Has the Lord ever spoken to you? Through the Bible, a song, another person, directly? I’m going to go ahead and assume the answer is yes.

However He’s spoken to you, try to think back on what He said. Write it down. Put a date on it.

Hold on to that word.

Don’t let yourself hear anything else concerning that thing.

Only accept the word of the Lord about it.

Don’t let anyone or anything convince you of anything other than what the Lord said to you.

Wait, watch, and see. He will do it just like He said.

Remember, you aren’t in this thing alone Child. Jesus is with you and for you today and every day! Just hold on, it’s coming.❤️

“They left and found it just as He had told them; and they prepared the Passover.”

Luke 22:13 AMP





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