Be complete in Him.

“I searched the world, but it couldn’t fill me.” I don’t think any truer words could ever be spoken in reference to my own personal testimony. I would imagine that every Christian could say the same. What a beautiful thing.

This morning I began to reflect on what a gift it is to be filled with His spirit. Yes, it means gaining supernatural power, strength, and guidance, but for me it’s so much more than that. It means I don’t have to be empty any more.

As humans we naturally have needs. So many studies have come out about the need for human interaction, hugs, human touch, love and nurturing. They all show the same thing. We need connections in order to really thrive physically and mentally. So if that is true for our natural man, how much more is it true for our spiritual man?

I don’t know about you, but when I was living in sin, there was a gaping hole in my life. I tried just about everything I could to fill it. And although some of those things may have satisfied my flesh momentarily, it never satisfied my soul. Let me put it this way. Even the very best the world has to offer will never even fill the tiniest spec of the God shaped hole in you.

Now there are definitely things that satisfy me in this world. I love a good sense of accomplishment. I love reaching a goal of some kind, pushing myself further than I thought I could go. And all of that is great! But it never lasts. I accomplish something, and the thrill is gone shorty after. I then have to immediately set my sights on the next thing so I can reach that high again. It’s exhausting. It never ends. There’s always somewhere higher you can go.

It isn’t like that with the Lord. I’ll never forget when I was filled with His spirit, when I truly made the connection that filled the gaping void in my life. I was whole. I was finally complete. What a sigh of relief that brought to me! I didn’t have to strive any more and go from one thing to the next. I didn’t have the sole responsibility of fulfilling all of my desires any more. I could rest.

Sure I still love to set goals and accomplish new things. I love to obtain my earthly desires. But the difference is, I don’t depend on that anymore to fill me. It’s all just a nice bonus. I can walk through life knowing that if I never reach another goal or obtain another earthly desire, I’ll be just fine. How can I do that? Because I am complete in Christ. I no longer need the things of this life to define me.

I struggle to walk in that truth some days. When my tank gets low for one reason or another my old ways try to creep in. I try to get filled back up with accomplishment or perfectionism or whatever looks shiny in the moment, but it quickly gets me frustrated and discouraged. That is why I have to make sure that I keep my tank filled with Him. That’s why the Bible talks over and over again about continuing to be in a state of spiritual overflow. It doesn’t leave any room for anything other than the Lord.

Whatever you’re striving for today to fill you, just stop. Set your sights on the Lord, and know that you are complete in Him! If you’re spiritual tank is low, get in the word, get in prayer, get reconnected with the Lord.

He is the head of all principality and power. He can definitely handle taking care of you. Rest today child, and just be complete in Jesus. ❤️

“And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:”

Colossians 2:10 KJV





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