What are you afraid of?

Fear is a terrible thing. It can be created in people in many different ways, but living with it always comes with a cost. What is it costing you?

It’s been on my heart a lot lately to chase after some things I’ve been afraid of. I’m not that old, but there are some things in my life that I feel like I’ve been miserable in for wayyy too long, and life is wayyy to short. Some days I feel like I’m just going to burst if something doesn’t change! I know God put me in these places for a season. I’ve learned, I’ve struggled, and I’ve grown in these places, but I feel the seasons changing in my life. And while that comes as a huge relief, it also brings a whole lot of fear for me. It means saying goodbye to the things I’ve become comfortable in even though they make me miserable, and saying hello to things my heart desires but that will challenge my faith in ways I’ve never experienced.

It seems like it would be an easy decision to move towards the desires God put in my heart instead of staying in a place of misery right? I wish it was. I just keep thinking about the children of Israel having to literally be forced out of slavery, to the Egyptians in order to be brought into a land of abundance and a life of miracles and relationship with almighty God. Like, what was there to think about, right? They were slaves!!! So when Moses came to get them, why wouldn’t they have been falling over each other trying to get out of that place as quickly as they could? The answer? Fear.

Fear of the unknown. Now I’m just speculating, because I wasn’t there, but from the looks of it, fear was telling them all kinds of things.

Fear was telling them they would never be able to escape Pharaoh.

God was telling them He set them free from Pharaoh.

Fear was telling them that even if they did escape, Pharaoh would come and capture them again and either make things much worse or just kill them.

God was telling them He would take care of Pharaoh.

Fear was telling them they would die of hunger and thirst in the wilderness.

God was telling them He would provide.

Fear was telling them to turn around and go back because being miserable slaves was better than what they would face in the unknown of the wilderness.

God was telling them to keep moving, there was a promised land ahead.

Fear was telling them they would never be able to conquer the people in the city of the promised land.

God was telling them all they had to do was walk in and take it.

Fear in the children of Israel caused disobedience to God. It does the same in us. Fear caused thousands and thousands of them to perish before they saw the promised land. It does the same to us. Fear caused Moses, the man of God we admire thousands of years later, to disobey God in a simple act and miss the promised land after decades of hard work and dedication leading them there.

Fear is nothing but a lie. Do you see that theme? Fear was the opposite in this story to what God said. It’s the same thing for us today. Fear is the opposite of what God says. God is truth. Fear is a lie. So why are we so willing to believe fear over God, and so quick to pay the cost of living in fear instead of reaping the promises of God? I don’t know about you, but fear has cost me enough already. I’m ready to be done with it. I’m ready to be a part of the generation that walks in faith like those who marched around the walls of Jericho to reach the promised land.

I’m ready to be one of the ones that starts taking territory in this world for the Lord. I want to start taking the territory of my home back, my health back, my relationships, my wealth, all of it. I want so many resources, both spiritually and naturally that it puts Satan in fear when I rise up in the morning. I want him to be like the people of Jericho in this verse the Lord spoke to me through this morning. Read it and read it again.

“Now Jericho [a fortified city with high walls] was tightly closed because [of the people’s fear] of the sons of Israel; no one went out or came in.”

Joshua 6:1 AMP

I want to break down the walls of fear between me and my promised land. I want the enemy to tightly lock his gates in fear of what God will do in my life. I want him to be Paralyzed to make a move in fear of what God will do with it. I want to come and go and make a difference for the Lord in every single step. Maybe you’re ready too. Maybe you’ve had all you can stand of being in a place where your time has expired.

Today is the day. Let’s start marching around those walls. Make a list of all the walls of fear between you and the plans and promises of God for your life. List the desires of your heart and then the list of fears keeping you from them.

As Gods children we shouldn’t be the ones living in fear! It should be the opposite! Let’s put fear back in its place, with Satan. And let’s watch those walls come crashing down.

The Lord wants so much for you child! ❤️





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