Don’t get it mixed up.

The Lord started dealing with me on the subject of prayer a while back, and continues to challenge me there. This particular subject of not mistaking thinking about something for praying about it comes up a lot.

Over the years I’ve found myself asking the Lord about certain things in my life. Like “Lord why haven’t you answered this?” Or “Lord I asked you for this a long time ago, and nothing’s happening!”. In his loving kindness one day He just answered me very plainly about something I was accusing Him of not doing. He said “Leiah, you’ve thought about that a lot, but you never actually prayed about it. You never actually talked to me about it.”

Talk about a wake up call. I missed the most basic principle of prayer. I missed the communication. I went over every detail in my mind of my problem. I went over every scenario I could think of. I came up with a solution I would like to see, the answer I wanted. The problem is, I never took my petition to the Lord. I was waiting for an answer to a question I never asked, a solution to a problem I never presented. I was expecting the Lord to invade a situation I never asked Him into.

It’s like throwing a huge party, not sending out the invitations, and being mad when no one shows up.

I pray regularly. But I also think about certain things a lot and never actually turn my thoughts into prayers. I never actually nail down a time to communicate my heart to the Lord and ask for His help. But the difference since my wake up call? I catch myself. When I go into extensively thinking about a certain thing, I catch my self and convert those thoughts into prayer.

It’s great to think about things. Our brains are powerful tools. But prayer is way more powerful. When we pray, we add a supernatural power in the mix. What is limited by our abilities becomes unlimited when the Lord is involved.

Ever prayed to be able to figure something out and then all of the sudden something goes off like a lightbulb? I have. Most days I need all the help I can get. My brain gets tired. I run out of ideas. My knowledge is limited. My wisdom is limited. My experience is limited. So why exhaust myself trying to be God when I could just turn my thoughts into prayers, and let Him handle things?

Rest your head today child. Turn those thoughts into prayers, and leave it at His feet. He is able. ❤️

“Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”

Matthew 7:7 KJV





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