He can make it happen.

Today I woke up with some heavy things on my heart. The Lord has really been dealing with me about some big changes that need to happen in me before I can be in a place to see the things I want to see. It’s really caused me to ponder some thoughts. One of which is: How many times do I question or blame the Lord for not doing something, when it is actually my disobedience, lack of asking, or unbelief that stands between me and seeing a manifestation of His glory in one way or another?

Oh me. The answer to that is probably one I couldn’t really handle knowing. I would hate to see how many times in my life I was right on the verge of a miracle or breakthrough or something wonderful when I gave up, got distracted or cowered down in fear. Thankfully the Lord hasn’t shown me just how many times, but He has shown me that it’s time to make that habit a thing of the past.

It’s time to remember that whatever it is we need, He can make it happen.

It’s time to not just know who He is and what He can do, but it’s time to see it all first hand.

It’s time to set an atmosphere for miracles in our lives.

It’s time to see that there is nothing He can’t do for us, if we let Him.

He can part the waters, or walk on top of them.

He can raise up kingdoms, or make them fall.

He can help you climb mountains, move them, or make them crumble to the ground.

He can take you through the fire and bring you out without even a hint of smoke.

He can make the fountains flow or dry up the rushing waters.

He can make you triumph and defeat every demon in hell.

He can make you prosper in the presence of your enemies.

He can raise the dead, open blinded eyes, heal the sick, restore, renew, encourage, counsel.

Whatever you stand in need of, He can make it happen!

Remember who He is. Remember what He has already done, and know He CAN and WILL do it again for YOU. Remember to be open and willing to let Him make things happen in your life.

“You caused the springs and streams to gush forth, and you dried up rivers that never run dry.”

Psalms 74:15





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4 thoughts on “He can make it happen.

  1. Ow! Have had that come to Jesus moment myself. Hate to admit, before mom passed, how many times I stayed in my comfort zone afraid to try for new positions for fear of losing what I had. Used my age or God didn’t say go yet yada yada. Watching mom’s casket lowered…something about that moment…fought my way out of grief and my comfort zone. I love that the Lord allows us the time to come to the place of recognition and acknowledge HE can and WILL once WE get out of the way. Love this post. Good soul food.

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