Is your faith being reinforced?

Is your faith being reinforced? 👊🏻

This year has been one for the books. It’s opened my eyes to so many things, and brought challenges I never thought I’d face. So many things I thought I could count on as being consistent have proven not to be so. Truth is, I knew they weren’t dependable in the first place, I just got comfortable. Thankfully, the Lord never lets me get comfortable for long.

Although my consistencies are no longer consistent, there is one thing I can count on as being consistent every minute of every day for eternity. Jesus. He never changes.

He is still the one fighting for me.

He is still the one showing up for me.

He is still the one making ways for me.

He is still my provider.

He is still my keeper.

He is still the lover of my soul.

He is still my healer.

He is still my dearest friend.

I never have to wonder about Him.

I can have complete and unwaivering faith in Him because I know who He is.

I have to say that my faith has been reinforced in Him time and time again this year. The funny thing is, it isn’t because things are going great. They aren’t.

I haven’t trusted Him because I’m seeing things turn around, but I am believing that He will turn them around. Because of that, He’s been reinforcing my faith day after day.

It’s been reinforced in the small still voice that quiets my anxious soul.

In the promises I read in my bible.

In the times I hear him saying “Its gonna be okay.”

In the words of a Christian song playing while I work.

In the sermon preached on Sunday Morning.

In the podcast I’m listening to.

In the sweet moments of prayer when I hear Him answer my call.

In the peace that overcomes me in the midst of my panic.

In the sweet text of encouragement someone was obedient to send.

It’s been a hard year, but growth never comes easily.

Is your faith being enforced? Are you trusting before you see results? Or are you feeling defeated and overwhelmed? Today is a good day to figure it out.

If your faith isn’t being reinforced, perhaps it’s because you aren’t trusting the Lord. Maybe you’re holding back your trust until you see something happen. I’ve done that many times, it has no rewards. Remember today that Gods ways are not mans ways, and what may seem backwards to us, seems right to God. While it makes sense logically to trust after you see results, it isn’t spiritually logical. Trust Him first. I can promise you, your faith will be reinforced, and you will see results. Maybe not the results you want, or expect, but you better believe they’ll be the absolutely perfect.

He’s got this friends. You can count on the Lord to see you through.❤️


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