Just ask him.

Ever feel like you just can’t figure out what’s happening in your life? Just ask him.

“There was a famine during David’s reign that lasted for three years, so David asked the LORD about it. And the LORD said, “The famine has come because Saul and his family are guilty of murdering the Gibeonites.””
2 Samuel 21:1 NLT

As I read this verse I can’t help but think about so many things in my life that went on for weeks and months and even years before I finally realized I might need to ask the Lord about them. You would think that a famine in the land would cause David to ask the Lord what was going on pretty quickly. But it’s amazing how when we are in famine in our own lives that instead of asking the Lord what’s going on, we just adapt to that way of life. We adapt to heartache and trouble, and lack and exhaustion. We adapt to all kinds of things in our lives. We do it so often without even considering that there may be a reason behind what’s going on.

David finally asked the Lord what was going on, and his response was one that could easily be corrected. That is the case most of the time in our lives. All he had to do was make it right with the ones that had been wronged and the famine would go away. So many times it’s such a simple thing in our lives that causes famine. Maybe a lesson that needs to be learned, or a sin that’s become a habit and a part of our everyday lives. Maybe someone or something we need to let go and move on from. Maybe something we need to confront or something he Lord wants to heal in our lives. Maybe there’s something from our past holding us back, some hidden unforgiveness or bitterness that you’ve had so long you forgot about it.

Whatever the reason, whatever the famine is caused by in your life, talk to the Lord about it. Find out what it is that you need to do, or not do. Find out what the Lord is trying to do in your life. Don’t walk around defeated in famine. From personal experience and things suffered so much longer than necessary, it’s worth it to just ask the Lord. Every time I start looking for some purpose in my famine, and talking to the Lord about it, the process becomes so much easier. I can get his instruction and direction I need, and move on. Just ask the Lord.


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