Don’t faint!

My heart for you today ❤️

There have been days in my life where the first thought after opening my eyes was “How am I going to survive this?”. If you’ve lived through anything at all, you’ll know what kind of days I’m talking about. I look back on those days, those weeks, those years, and wonder how I kept going. I’m quickly reminded that it was only the Lord that got me through.

I had to wake up and believe that I was going to see His goodness some way, some how, in the midst of the darkness. I had to get up, take those painful first breaths, and set my mind on Him. I had to encourage my self in the Lord, knowing who He is, and that He has plans to prosper me, not to destroy me, even though it felt like I was being destroyed. That’s why this verse is so powerful to me. David knew better than perhaps anyone the goodness of God. He also knew the fierce attacks of the enemy. He knew what it felt like to be betrayed, hunted down, lied on, looked over, rejected, belittled, discouraged, counted as worthless, mourning a loss, mistreated, repaid evil for good, given the absolute worst resources to succeed with. He understood these days I’m talking about. He understood how to press through them too.

Notice he said “I had fainted, unless”. In other words, I wouldn’t have made it, unless. Unless what? Unless he believed that somewhere at the end of his current misery, he would see the goodness of the Lord shine like the sun again in his life. He would be able to look back and see the hand of God working, protecting, and keeping him every step of the way when it felt like he was being destroyed. David is giving us such wise advice in this verse about how to get up and face even the very worst days.

David was one of the most blessed people we read about in the Bible. It wasn’t by chance. It was because no matter what, he expected to see the goodness of God. How did he come to a place of faith like that? It was because he knew God. He built a relationship with Him. He spent time in Gods presence. He asked God repeatedly to teach him His ways. He consulted God. He talked to God and esteemed His advice above that if anyone else. I believe God is calling His children to do the same today.

You may feel like fainting today. You may feel weak and deserted. Hang on child, the goodness of the Lord is coming! ❤️

Psalms 27:13


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