It’s always bigger than you.

Daily Share- It’s always bigger than you.

“Why is the LORD bringing us to this land [of Canaan], to fall by the sword? Our wives and children will become plunder. Would it not be better for us to return to Egypt?””

Numbers 14:3 AMP

Serving the Lord has not been easy for me. He challenges me to be better in every area of my life. He never wants me to settle for second best. He doesn’t want me to leave wounds open and hope they go away. He won’t let me get comfortable. He makes me confront things I want to ignore. He opens my eyes to see things that are hard to look at. He never lets me live in an “ignorance is bliss” state. He wants me to get the most out of every single thing I face in my life and that means learning hard lessons. He wants me to be wise and not just knowledgeable. He takes me on journeys through dry and desolate wilderness (the hardest route) to get me to His promises. He always presents me with things that are waaay bigger than I am. And that’s exactly what the children of Israel were about to learn the hard way in this verse.

You see God was trying to bless them. He didn’t want to leave them in Egypt to be slaves and bring wealth and goodness to Godless people. He wanted to bless them with wealth and goodness. He wanted them to have so much more than they were settling for. He wanted to treat them as His beloved children, and spoil them with His goodness.

The promised land was a place that had been in the making for years and years. God wanted to take them into something that was beyond their ability and means to create in that moment. He wanted to give them fields they didn’t plow, harvests they didn’t plant, houses they didn’t build, wealth they didn’t acquire, and peace they didn’t work for. He wanted to give them something wayyy bigger than them.

They knew the journey they had been on for forty years was leading them to this land. They knew that God had already promised it to them. They knew He had done everything He said he would up to this point. They had seen God take care of everything that was bigger than them up to this point. Yet when the spies came back with reports about how big and mighty the promised land was, they fell to pieces.

Why do we as humans lose faith so easily from one problem to the next? I have done it countless times. The Lord has performed miracles in my life. He has taken care of me through every single thing that was bigger than me. And so many times immediately after one trial, when the next shows up, I go all to pieces because it’s so much bigger than me. I’m sorry to admit, I’ve lost out on some blessings because of that. So many of the children of Israel missed out on their promised land because of that too. They so quickly forgot that God always gives you things bigger than you are, because nothing is bigger than Him.

Whatever we face, whatever trial comes our way, whatever the diagnosis you got from the doctor, whatever bleak reality you are living in, whatever promise or dream from the Lord so big it takes your breath away, don’t fret. He didn’t allow those things in your life to watch you squirm like the people in this verse. He allowed that so you would trust that He is bigger than all of it, and has no limitations in handling all the details to make it all work out.

Trust Him. He’s got you in the palm of His hand. He wants to help you reach your promised land. Don’t back down when you see it’s bigger than you. Instead, pray, trust, and charge straight ahead to victory. He’s never lost a battle yet. ❤️





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