We’re seeing the proof.

Satan has been roaring loudly in recent days. We’ve seen fear and panic sweep over the world. We’ve seen our health threatened, our livelihood attacked, lives taken. We’re unsure of what the future holds. But none of that is bigger than Jesus. He holds all power and authority in heaven and earth. Satans roars sound terrifying. But the extent of his power should not bring terror to Gods children. The reality is, his bark can’t match his bite in the lives of believers. One day when we see the world come to an end, we will see Satan for who he is, and be astonished at the fact that we ever gave him any place in our lives at all, because of how powerless he really is. The louder he roars, the more Christ shows himself faithful. The more challenges we face, the more we see Christ working in our lives. Through this all we have seen saints go home to be with Jesus. We have seen saints healed. We have seen them delivered, provided for, helped, restored. We have seen sinners become saints. The list will continue to grow as this crisis continues. Christ will continue to show his great love for us. So roar on Satan! We won’t bow down, we won’t be afraid! ❤️


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