Don’t worry child, He sees it all.

Daily Share-Dont worry, he sees it all.

““I know all the things you do. I have seen your love, your faith, your service, and your patient endurance. And I can see your constant improvement in all these things.”

Revelation 2:19 NLT

We can go about our business, day after day after day. We can make such an effort to live a life pleasing to the Lord. We can make good decisions, take the high road. We can follow the path he’s planned for us, even when it’s hard and we don’t want to. We can do good instead of bad, and bless those who curse us. Some days it’s exhausting. Some days I feel that I’ve failed miserably before Him. Some days I don’t feel like I’ve had much endurance much less patient endurance.

Most of the time we feel it all goes unnoticed. But thankfully it’s not the truth. We don’t see the behind the scenes work that is going into our lives. We can’t see the rejoicing over those doing good in the earth and spreading Jesus. We don’t know the thoughts of our Father all day every day, but it’s verses like these that remind me that my life although insignificant to so many, never goes unnoticed by my Heavenly Father.

Not only does He see my efforts, but He sees the improvement that I make over time. He sees my heart changing and falling more in love with Him. He sees my desires beginning to line up with his. He sees when I follow his will despite my own will. He knows that some days I struggle and fail. He also knows the ground that I’m gaining slowly but surely. He knows I’m becoming more aware of Him and His way of doing things. He knows I’m not perfect, but as I strive to be, His mercy and grace carries me farther than I should ever be able to go. I’m so thankful that He sees all. I’m thankful He sees the good so He can rejoice, and know that His sacrifice wasn’t wasted. I’m also thankful that He sees the bad, so He can convict my heart to make changes.

During this time when our world is upside down, and we are taking on more unfamiliar rolls than ever, its easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to think we are working harder than ever and yet feeing like failures more than ever. We don’t have our support systems. We don’t have the familiar structure of our lives. We don’t have much of anything that resembles normalcy. All that can cause us to feel unseen more than ever, but don’t you worry child, he sees it all. ❤️





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