Easter this year… it’s going to be different.

Easter this year.. it’s going to be different.

As we approach Easter this year I’ve had so many things running through my mind. It’s going to be really different. It will be an intimate celebration of our risen Lord within the walls of our homes. No big exciting church service. No church functions. No family gatherings. No new outfits to wear. No practicing for weeks with my drama team girls. No preparing a big children’s church celebration. No frills. Somehow, surprisingly, it feels appropriate to me.

Seven years ago, I experienced an Easter that changed the way I celebrate forever. I woke up ready for all of the festivities. I had a special breakfast to announce my first pregnancy to my in-laws after a hard road to conception. I went to church early to practice with the praise team for the big service ahead. I was prepared to announce my pregnancy at my family gathering after church. It was going to be a grand celebration of our risen Lord, and the current way He had shown himself alive in my life. I was so excited to celebrate that Jesus was very much alive and well, and to do it big. But at praise team practice, I miscarried. I had to leave church and head to the ER. After confirming the miscarriage and being sent home, I ended up that Easter in bed weeping and mourning.

I missed the big church service celebration. I missed my families celebration. I missed my in-laws celebration. I didn’t get to go big in celebrating Resurrection that day with all the frills. I didn’t sing the songs, do a drama, see the displays, or hear the message. I did however have the most precious encounter with the Lord that day. I was to become thankful in a way I never had been before that He was risen.

As I lay in that bed, there was no one that could comfort me. There was no one that could touch the deep abyss of brokenness that was my reality that day. No one except a risen Jesus that is. And thats exactly what He was for me that day in a way id never experienced before. I knew He was there. It wasn’t like I got a warm fuzzy because I sensed Him. It wasn’t like any other flood of His spirit I had encountered. He was so real in that room that I felt if I reached out I would touch Him. I just kept hearing over and over in my mind the lyrics “your cries have awoken the Master”. It was so overwhelming to know that on a day Jesus was being celebrated around the world by millions of people, He took time to be alive to me in such an intimate way. He heard my cries and He came. He came to be what I needed that day. He came to show me that while His resurrection was for everyone, that He did it for me. He had me on His mind as He suffered for and mourned the sins of the world on that cross. He had me on his mind when He batted and won against death, Hell and the grave. When He rose up on that third day, He knew I was going to become His child one day. He knew I was going to call on Him to be alive for me thousands of years later on Easter. He knew we would be calling on Him this year too.

I was experiencing a new celebration of Jesus being alive. It was such an incredibly intimate celebration for me. It was so strange to be in the midst of my greatest sorrow, yet to be celebrating. I’ve never lost that feeling. I’ve never forgotten that Easter. And every Easter on the anniversary of my first miscarriage, I have that intimate celebration in my own way. After the big church service, and all of the festivities are over, I sit with Jesus, and I thank Him for being so alive in my life in ways that no one will ever know about. I thank Him for being alive for me every single day.

So much this year, I feel our nation is going to have a similar celebration as I did so many years ago. I believe as we are in the midst of one of our greatest sorrows as a nation, that we will simultaneously celebrate because we have seen Jesus alive and well through all of it. He’s heard the cries of His people. He has showed up to be exactly what we have needed during this pandemic, and will continue to do so as this goes on. So I urge you, learn the precious gift of an intimate celebration amidst the sorrow. Spend this Easter being thankful in a way you never have been before. Think on the ways Jesus is alive to you every single day that you haven’t noticed until now because you’ve been too busy. Enjoy this gift. Take time to feel Jesus alive in the walls of your home, and celebrate Him there.

Yes it’s going to be a different kind of Easter this year, but it could turn out to be the most meaningful one you’ve ever had. ❤️


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