The Lord rescues.

Daily Share- The Lord Rescues.

Let me be the first to say, I don’t understand everything that happens. I’ve had some really perplexing circumstances in my life. I’ve faced hardships. Countless times have I reflected on certain events almost to the point of obsession to try and figure out the “why”. But each time, whether with an explanation or not, the Lord is faithful to rescue me from them all.

He doesn’t rescue me because I’m perfect. He doesn’t rescue me because I deserve it. He does it because I am his child, and that’s the kind of God I serve.

He is sovereign. He loves me with an incomprehensible love. He is full of mercy. He is full of grace. He is all powerful, all knowing and omnipotent. He has no limits of time space, or any other sort. He knows no boundaries when it comes to His love for me. He will invade the earth on my behalf. He will send armies of angels to fight for me. There is no end to His pursuit of my heart. I can’t really express to you properly what lengths the Lord will go to in order to rescue His children. But I can tell you from experience that every word of this verse is truth.

When you serve the Lord, you will without a doubt suffer hardships. You would if you didn’t serve Him. You will without a doubt have circumstances in your life that are perplexing to even the wisest among us. You would if you didn’t serve Him. But what you wouldn’t have without Jesus is the hope that without a doubt, the Lord will ALWAYS be there to rescue you. You don’t get a limit on rescues. You don’t get grief for having to be rescued over and over. You don’t get looked down on because you need to be rescued.

I want you to know today that whatever it is that you’re facing, the Lord is already on His way to rescue you. It may not be in your time, or in your way, but you better know it’s in progress.

Trust in the Lord today, and keep your eyes open, because He’s on the way! ❤️


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