Come to Him

Daily Share- Come to Him.

I ended up in 1st Peter today in my bible reading. It wasn’t in my plan, but God knew. I figured since I was there I might as well just read it. The words of this book consumed me immediately. I felt the Holy Spirit rise up in me as I was reminded of how glorious the gift of salvation truly is. It’s been on my mind a lot the last few days in particular, salvation that is. Just looking around and seeing how fleeting life really is. A single virus can shut down the world in a few days. Your job can be gone without warning tomorrow. You can lose everything you have worked for overnight. Your loved ones can be healthy today and fighting for their lives tomorrow. You can go out for some fresh air, and never make it back. It’s truly overwhelming the amount of sorrow that has come upon us in just over a week. So getting excited about the one thing that NOTHING can ever take away, my salvation, was exactly what this girl needed today.

As I read through the first couple of chapters again, I couldn’t get off this verse however. “Come to Him, the risen Lord” was ringing in my ears. I wasn’t sure why until later.

A man I had only met in passing died today. So what does that have to do with this verse? Well my family had been praying for that man and his family. I had them on my mind all day. My doorbell rang as I was fixing dinner, and his daughter was standing there. She told me that she appreciated us checking on him, and for the prayers but he had passed away. The hurt and devastation was so fresh that my heart began to break for her. I told her how sorry I was. I apologized that I couldn’t give her a hug. I desperately wanted to. Then it hit me. “Come to Him, the risen Lord” I needed to get in touch with the one that could wrap His arms around her with a comfort beyond this world. A comfort that far surpassed a human hug. I asked could I pray for her. When I went to Him, the risen Lord, I could feel Him there. You see, Jesus was doing what I couldn’t, all I had to do was invite Him to do it.

I am reminded today that being the hands and feet of Jesus is so much more than doing the work. It is a glorious display of our salvation at work in this Earth. It is knowing where our power ends, and His begins. It is knowing that He is ALIVE AND WELL, and ready to show up where He is invited. It is knowing and demonstrating to others that He is able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all that we can ask or think when we invite Him into every situation. I could have offered a hug, and said we will be praying for you. It would have been a nice gesture. It would have been appropriate. But that’s not what was needed today. Comfort and peace from the risen Lord was needed. That family probably won’t be in any position to pray for that themselves over the coming days, weeks and months, but because we serve a risen Lord, He already knew that.

I don’t tell you any of that because I did anything. God knows, I’m awkward and stumble through these things. I just invited the one who knew exactly what to do. And He did it. It’s so simple, yet I fail to do it so many times. I’m thankful for this verse today. So thankful.

If you don’t know about this Jesus thing, or salvation thing, I challenge you today to Come to Him, the risen Lord. If you need a circumstance changed, a mountain moved, a valley crossed, Come to Him the risen Lord. If you need provision, peace, comfort, patience, healing, love, acceptance, adoration, affection, identity, Come to Him, the risen Lord. If you need anything today, anything at all, Come to Him, the risen Lord.

Jesus is alive, well, and working in the lives of all who come to Him today. Want you be one of them?❤️


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