It’s time to wait on Him

Daily Share-it’s time to wait on Him.

Psalm 130:5 (KJV)

5 I wait for the Lord, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope.

Do you ever just feel like there is no end to your current situation? I am so guilty of this with so many things in my life. I examine my situation over and over, wonder why certain things are happening, wonder how I am going to make it through, wonder what I can do to fix the situation, wonder how long its going to take to get past it…. and on and on and on….

And then comes the worst of all… I try to fix it my self! And the saddest part of this confession.. I already know that Its out of my control, oh but I sure do try hard 🙂

After I completely run out of gas, I go back to square one.. I sit down examine my situation, and count the cost.

I count the cost by seeing what exactly it is I am going to need to make it through…Will I need wisdom? Guidance? Strength? knowledge? Understanding? Mercy? Grace? Patience? Help holding my peace?

Usually its all of the above, and much more.. And then I begin to pray, not the way I started out praying asking for a quick fix, but really praying, asking for all the things I will need to get through this situation, and for the understanding to come out on the other side stronger, and having learned something that will benifit the Kingdom of God in some way.

Sometimes once we are in a situation, there is nothing we can do but wait. And usually waiting is completely utterly terrible… BUT if our souls are waiting on the Lord, if we are waiting for the next word from God, the next Instruction from Him, the next time we spend with the Lord that comforts our hearts.

If we are waiting on God, searching in his word for instruction and hope, looking at all of those that have gone before us, that have come out on the other side victorious and blessed…. There is no greater hope we can have than in Christ.

Wait on the Lord today, Let your soul be a rest, wait on him, and put your hope in his word. He is faithful to his children. He can and will see us through it all, even the Coronavirus. Keep your eyes fixed on him, and your ears open to hear his voice of assurance during this time of chaos. ❤️

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