What’s testifying against you?

Daily Share- What is testifying against you?

I can’t help but hurry through the stories of Jesus in the Bible. I’ve always loved reading, and when something fascinates me I can’t wait to see what happens next. Reading about Jesus and his interactions with this world definitely is fascinating to me. Even though I’ve read this story many times before, I still am left in awe at how Jesus always acts in such an intentional way, even in the very worst of situations. This verse describes one of those situations. Jesus had been turned over to Pilate, the final step before being turned over to be crucified. Jesus knew that. So in this verse we can see Pilate trying to reason with Jesus. He was reminding Jesus of alllll the cards stacked against Him. Pilate couldn’t believe that Jesus wasn’t defending himself against the accusations that got him in such a predicament. Surely Jesus didn’t know how serious those things testified against Him were! Surely He wouldn’t just stand there in silence and not even appear bothered by the testimonies, or the punishment He would receive for them. But He did. Jesus knew all the testimonies against Him, who gave them, and what was going to be the result of those, and He wasn’t shaken.

I couldn’t help look at this tonight and wonder how. I mean I know He was Jesus, but He was still human right? Indeed he was. But he was human in the way we were intended to be human. He knew 1000% that everything that was being testified against Him, was only to propel Him into the greatest calling in His life. He knew that all those things were happening because it was furthering the ultimate God intended plan for His life. Jesus understood that being comfortable was not part of the process. He also knew that while He wasn’t comfortable, He was comforted in knowing that everything was under control.

I know it sounds so simple right? Just trust that God is in control. Just know that all that is being testified against you will turn around for your good. Unfortunately that’s usually not my first response when trouble comes. But the Lord has used this verse to challenge me to look at all the things testifying against me. All the people who don’t support me, who think I’ll never achieve anything for the Lord. All the ones who should have been supporting me along the way, but were betraying me, and making my life harder than I ever knew it could be. All the circumstances that are so messed up I can’t even remember what they should be like some days. All the doubt that screams so loudly in my head each day telling me I’ll never accomplish anything. Or the self loathing that comes when I fail, or think I’m failing at life, motherhood, ministry, being a wife, a friend a good worker, a Godly woman.

Soooo many things are testifying against me every single day. But instead of remaining calm cool and collected, knowing God is in control, I get bogged down. I say I believe God is in control, but I go ahead and worry. I say I don’t care about what anyone thinks or says, but find myself trying to prove who I am, and how I’m a good wife and mom and worker (and on and on)every day until I’m so exhausted I can’t keep up anymore. I have good comebacks and emotional outbursts when challenged to face the things testifying against me. I’m not often like Jesus when this dialogue shows up in my life. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start now. I can handle my Pilate moments with peace and confidence like Jesus did. I don’t have to spend any energy responding to all that the enemy is testifying against me. I just have to spend energy trusting God. Really trusting that no matter what all is testifying against me, He will carry me through, and it will all work together for my good.

Maybe you have some things testifying against you today. Maybe it’s so loud, and so overwhelming that you don’t know which way to turn. Maybe you’re exhausted trying to defend yourself or cover up the absolute chaos raging in your life. Maybe you’ve been trying to prove yourself to others to no avail, and you just can’t anymore. Whatever it is, and wherever you are, remember one thing. You don’t have to say a word. God is working on your behalf. He is with you. He is for you. He will see you through. ❤️

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