He hasn’t forgotten.

Daily Share- He hasn’t forgotten.

I’ve had this verse on my heart for a while. I’ll admit that over the last few years a pretty regular prayer for me has been “God I know you haven’t forgotten what’s happened, and where I am. Please help me to remember that you’re working even when I can’t see it.” I don’t rehash all the happenings in my life that lead me to that prayer every time, because frankly I just can’t go there most days. I cry when I can. I process things when I can. I talk to the Lord about it when I can. I ask for help. I ask for guidance. I ask for the strength to keep going. I hate the afflictions that lead me to a place of such great distress. I’ve been both bitter and resentful about them waaay more than I wanted to be, and it’s a temptation to go there every single day. But I know that isn’t where I need to be. I have to remember that through every single affliction, the Lord has been there. He has seen it all. He has taken note of all my life’s distresses. He knows the brokenness, the tears, the pain. He knows the panic that flooded my soul when life hit me full on. He knows the wave of despair that washed over me and settled for a while. He knows that I tried to cope in my own ways unsuccessfully. And he knows that I always come running back to his arms when I remember his steadfast love. He knows that when I get my focus back to Him, I’ll remember how faithful He has been. I’ll remember that when the afflictions in my life should have taken me out, He didn’t just let me go, and turn me over to the enemy. He rescued me. He loved me through it all. He took note of it all. He sent out armies of angels on my behalf. He went to battle for me. And He will do the same thing every single day of my life. So everyday I will continue to make the choice to rejoice and be glad in His steadfast love. He’s never forsaken me. He’s never betrayed me. He’s always been right there loving me through even my worst days. I don’t know what you’re going through. I don’t know where you’ve been. But I do know that whatever it is. No matter how big or how small, the Lord has taken note of every single thing. I want you to know that He is loving you right now fervently. I want you to know that He is working and fighting and doing things on your behalf to right the wrongs, to turn the evil to good for your life. I want you to know that the Lord has not forgotten you. He hasn’t forgotten a single tear, a single wrong or a single heartbreak. He IS moving for you. I hope that when you remember these things you will join me in getting up each and every day and choosing to rejoice and be glad because of the Lords steadfast love for you through it all. He is good. He is faithful, and He is working it out for you. Hang in there, it’s happening! ❤️

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