The hardest part.

Daily Share- The hardest part.

“Wait patiently for the LORD. Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the LORD.”

Psalms 27:14 NLT

This verse actually sounds kind of funny when you read it. Be brave and courageous, yes wait patiently for the Lord. Brave and courageous by waiting? What’s brave or courageous about waiting? When you’re waiting on the Lord, absolutely everything.

Waiting on the Lord is always the hardest part. When something happens in our life a storm comes up, and we need rescuing, we need intervention, we need healing, we need comfort, reassurance, we need money, we need absolutely any sign that the Lord knows we are still here. But sometimes all we can do is wait. The lord hasn’t spoken to us, he hasn’t said what to do or told us what he’s going to do, he hasn’t acknowledged our situation in any way that we can see. What can we do then?

Well so many times I’ve gotten impatient and tried to do something my self, only to find my self much worse off than before. I have learned along the way though, that waiting is always best.

God knows where we are. He may have even sent us into the storm. He knows what’s going on. He knows how to handle it. He is already moving. He has already made a way for us. He heard the diagnosis, he sees the financial need, he knows your pain and sees your tears. He understands what you’re going through and whether you see him or not, he’s there with you all the way. He wants us to know that. He wants us to have enough faith in him that we can wait and brave the storm until he either calms it or leads us out. He wants us to have enough courage to wait on him before trying to act on things our selves, or seek out help from another source. All of those things are so hard in a time of crisis. We forget who he is, and what he’s done for us in the past. But when we come to our senses and know that he is the one who can Speak to the waves and they’ll stop, he can then begin to show us what he’s doing.

We must wait patiently for him, braving the storm and being courageous enough to have faith in even the very worst situations and against all the odds. He is faithful. He will move. Don’t you want to be found trusting in him when he comes to calm your storm?

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