Eye on the prize.

Daily Share- Eye on the prize.

“Look straight ahead, and fix your eyes on what lies before you.”

Proverbs 4:25 NLT

So much to do, so little time to do it. So Many days we get caught up in our daily tasks, jobs, bills, kids, homes and all that goes with it. We get so busy with these responsibilities that we begin to think that’s what we are here for. Oh what a terrible trap to fall into! To think that we were simply created to do the mundane everyday things. The enemy is full blast trying to distract us from our true purpose. To live a life that glorifies God, a life that shares the love of Jesus.

There are so many days I have to stop my self. I have to just take a minute and remind myself that I’m more than my job, I’m more than my problems, I’m more than my chores and responsibilities. Although all of those things can be used as opportunities to glorify God, they are completely void if we aren’t focused on the real reason we are here. If our mind isn’t right, our lives will begin to reflect that. We must remain focused. God has a great plan for our lives, and it goes beyond what we see everyday. He longs to speak to us about it and give us instruction along the way. We must stay focused on that. Focused on him.

What lies before you? Chances are only the Father knows. So in order to stay focused on what lies ahead we must stay focused on the one who knows these things. Don’t let the enemy distract you, don’t let him steal your opportunity to glorify God even in the most mundane things by being focused. Fix your eyes on Jesus and everything else will fall in place.

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