Against all odds.

Daily share- Against all odds.

“Abraham never wavered in believing God’s promise. In fact, his faith grew stronger, and in this he brought glory to God. He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.”
Romans 4:20-21 NLT

As I read this about Abraham I can’t help but think how opposite my life looks so many times. Abraham believed God for who he was no matter what. There was nothing that could convince him that God wouldn’t take care of him or do what he said he would. What a victorious life. The harder or more ridiculous things got he believed God even more. His faith grew stronger. What a statement considering how unbelievably impossible his situation was. The older he got and the longer he waited the more he believed God. It’s really astounding to think that the further he appeared to be getting away from Gods promise the more his faith grew.

I so many times act like a spoiled brat. I look for every circumstance to line up before I even begin to start thinking about having faith in his promise to me. I want a sign. I want to know when he’s going to do it. I want to know how he’s going to do it. I want to know what I’m going to have to go through in the process and if it will cost me anything. I want to know if I’ll be inconvenienced. I want him to basically prepare a presentation on what he’s going to be doing, and this is truth. The longer I wait the less and less I believe. I’m so temperamental about my faith sometimes it’s embarrassing to even confess it. Now I’m super great at saying I have faith and convincing my self I do until he gives me a promise and it doesn’t look anything like my life at the time. Thank God for Abraham and his example of what God is looking for in us. I’m thankful that I have this comparison.

When I begin to compare my self to Abraham I’m really in shock at how immature I’ve been in my spiritual walk so many times. Abraham really was trusting God blindly. He didn’t have all that we have access to. He didn’t have the written works of Jesus to read and build his faith on. God had not yet come to earth as man and opened up a personal intimate relationship with himself. Abraham didn’t have a drop in the bucket compared to what we have access to today through Jesus, and yet he had faith that I can’t even really comprehend.

He didn’t think God owed him anything. He was excited that God had even promised him something. He took God for who he was. He decided that if the God of the universe can do all things, then he can do all things. End of story. He didn’t need for God to explain himself, or let him know how and what he was going to do. He was fully convinced of who God is and how much he loved him. That is a place of power. If we can come to obtain this so very simple faith, it will be great faith for us. If we accept that God can do and will do what he promises we will live victorious and powerful lives. Our lives will look Like Abrahams. The worse things get the more we will trust God. The more impossible our situation the more we will believe God can do it and share that faith to the Glory of God.

Let’s begin to be fully convinced. Then God can and will do amazing things in our lives. Let’s make it so He can use our lives like Abrahams to be a testament to his greatness. Let’s believe against all odds.

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