Leave Your Egypt

As I got to spend a few minutes alone in the presence of the Lord today, I got the opportunity to simply thank him for some things. I thanked him particularly for never stopping his pursuit of me to deliver me from my Egypt’s. He began to remind me of one particular Egypt in my own life that I was enslaved to for as long as I can remember. I stayed there for so long. I didn’t think I would ever be able to escape. Then the Lord would come to rescue me, which was exactly what I prayed for. It just wasn’t ever the way I prayed for it. He would come to rescue me by offering me freedom at the cost of following him into the vast dessert of the unknown. So many times I got excited. I would take a few steps towards where he was leading, and then it would get really uncomfortable. Everything that could go wrong would go wrong. The Lord would urge me forward anyway. But I found my self answering him just like the children of Israel are answering Moses in this verse. I would tell the Lord that I couldn’t possibly leave right now. There was too much going on. Things were too hard for me to keep going. I would convince my self that I was way better off before I started following the Lord to freedom. At least I knew what to expect there. It was all so familiar. I could function there. I didn’t function well, or in any healthy way, but I always knew how to navigate life in my Egypt. So did these people. They had been enslaved for 400 years. They were excited at the thought of freedom, but ultimately didn’t want to pay the price of trusting the Lord through the dessert to get there. I didn’t either. A thousand times the Lord has come to rescue me, and a thousand times I’ve been unwilling to pay the price. I am so thankful that just like with these stubborn people, He didn’t give up on me. He came back again, and urged me to be free. This time, I’m paying the price. I’m trusting when I can’t see. Things are still going wrong, but I’m not letting that lead me back to Egypt. I am heading towards my promised land one day at a time. My attitude has changed from that in this verse, to “ I’d rather die headed to the promised land in the unknown following Jesus, than to even think about taking one step back towards the things that enslaved me.” I just want to remind you today that the Lord is offering you freedom. It may be the first time, or the thousandth time. It doesn’t matter to Him. His offer still stands. Whatever the unknown, however hard it will be, however long it takes, do it. Leave your Egypt. Break free today. The Lord has so much more for you than that which enslaves you today. It’s worth it. It’s all worth it. He will help you every step of the way. You just have to be willing to step towards freedom. ❤️

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