The Harder Right

I wish I could say I’ve always followed the Lords plans for my life. I can’t. The truth is the Lords ways are really hard most of the time. They aren’t hard because he wants us to fail, and makes them challenging. They are hard because they go against human nature, and our own personal will for our lives. Gods way is definitely the harder right. Going by our own nature and plans for our lives is easy. It’s easy to make decisions based on our emotions and inconsistent passions. But while it may be easy on the surface to go the wrong way, the consequences are much harder to bear. Let me speak from experience in saying that settling for less than Gods best is absolutely heartbreaking. The saddest part is, you may not even realize it at first. Things may be going exactly as you planned. Everything may look exactly how you wanted it to. Then you find out that even though it turned out exactly as planned, it doesn’t satisfy you. You then begin to see all the things that you planned weren’t actually the best fit for you, you just thought they were. And then you come to remember that at the start of your journey, God was prompting you to go another way, but it would have required you to let some things go that you wanted to hold on to. You realize that you didn’t follow Gods promptings because you would have had to make some hard decisions, and be willing to change some things. You come to accept that you simply didn’t want to put in the work for Gods best because you thought your way was better. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. Yes we “know” that Gods way is best, but so often we trust our plans over His. We don’t consider that our creator knows us better than we know ourselves. I’m so guilty. I’ve suffered a lot of negative consequences by taking the easy wrong. I’ve had my heart broken, and broken Gods by accepting less than his best. He has worked with me through these wrongs and helped me make the best of them. But choosing the hard right would have yielded amazingly awesome consequences instead. I know that first hand as well because I’ve also chosen the hard right and done it Gods way many times. I’ve never been disappointed in any way by doing that. It’s been hard to go against plans that looked perfect to me to follow Gods plans that looked completely crazy to me. It’s hard to do the opposite of what you, and everyone expects for your life. Its hard to say that you have no idea what God is doing, but you’re following Him anyway. It’s hard to move on from places and people you wanted to stay around. Living in Gods best for me however, is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. My prayer today is that no matter the cost, may we ever choose the harder right. ❤️

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