Grace- A hard lesson to learn.

If you’re struggling with a wrong that’s been done to you, new or old, maybe this is for you.❤️

I’ve learned a lot about grace since following Jesus. For the first decade I learned all about receiving it. I learned the beauty of not being treated exactly how I deserve, but being covered by love and mercy instead. It took me a little while to rest grasp that Jesus would love me after all I’d done. That he would willingly die a horrible death so that I wouldn’t have to go to hell for my sin. That Jesus would make the wrong id done, right, and continue to do so as I would fail him over and over. It’s completely against human nature, and something that really does take time to fully embrace. Over the last couple of years I’ve been going to a different kind of grace school. It’s not one where I learn how to receive anymore, but to how to give grace instead. It’s definitely the harder of the two concepts for me. I mean extending grace to someone who has absolutely ravished your life? Covering them in love and mercy even though they’ve done unbelievable wrong to you? Not reacting with harsh words in response to a cruel situation you were put in by them? No. Well, that was my first answer to the Lord when I was enrolled in my second grace school by a circumstance I would have never dreamed of, and that completely shattered me. I’ll never forget sitting there, crying out to the Lord about this horrible wrong that had been done. I was so broken. I asked him “Lord, how am I going to get through this?”. He answered “Show grace.” I adamantly responded with a stubborn no. I knew I couldn’t. I knew it was going to be harder than anything I’d ever done, and frankly in all my hurt and anger, I didn’t want to. But day after day, hearing the same thing from the Lord “Show grace” about a million times, I realized something. I realized that it was really my only option. If I couldn’t learn to show grace, I would never live through this. The cruel response I was having was only causing me more pain. Rehashing everything over and over so I could come up with new harsh responses was killing me. Grace would be the only thing that would get me to forgiveness, which would be the start of my healing. I am still in this grace school. Every day I fail at some point. My words and actions a lot of times don’t demonstrate grace in my circumstance. It feels like a few years, has been 20. I still have the mentality some days that “maybe if I show grace today, it’ll be over and I won’t need to any more”. But it doesn’t work that way. God knows best. He didn’t want me to suffer the tremendous wrong, but he does want to use it for my good. He wants to use every single second of it to make me more like Him. He wants to finish teaching me grace. It’s hard. It doesn’t feel natural. It’s uncomfortable. Sometimes it takes everything inside of you. But it’s worth it. It’s worth it to be like Jesus. It’s worth it to be able to extend grace just like He does. It’s amazing to be able to show others what it feels like to have a wrong covered in grace instead of wrath. Unfortunately the best way to show someone that is by suffering a wrong from them. And even more unfortunate, we will have countless opportunities to show grace. Not sure why I am sharing this tonight, but maybe the Lord has been speaking to you about extending grace. Maybe there’s a great wrong you’ve suffered. Whatever it is, know that Jesus is there with you every step of the way. We’re going to graduate from this one day. One day showing grace will be our first response. One day it won’t be this hard. But for now, know that I’m right here too. Hang in there, the Lord is doing great things in you. It’ll all be worth it. ❤️

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