It’s time to answer the call.

Daily Share- It’s time to answer the call.

So many times I feel inadequate to even attempt some of the dreams God has given me. It’s always a faith over fear matter for me when I step out and actually pursue them. I’ve had a few things lately the Lord has put on my heart to do, that just seem so out of my league. But as always, the Lord is faithful to remind me to just start where I am, use what I have, do what I can, and he will take care of the rest. I was reading over the story of Moses in the Old Testament. As I’m reading it for the hundredth time or more, the Lord began to speak to me about simply answering his call to pursue the dreams he’s put in my heart. You see when God called Moses to go in to the promise land and free the people of Israel, he was not in any extraordinary state. His birth story, and childhood was something out of a fairytale. His start to adulthood was more like a nightmare. Here this prized child was, a Hebrew that had been miraculously spared from death, and raised as a prince, none the less, in the Egyptian palace that had meant to have him killed. His real mother even got to help raise him. But even though he was raised an Egyptian, his Hebrew roots took hold of him. Long story short, he ended up a murderer, exiled, and neither welcome as a Hebrew or an Egyptian. That’s where he was when God called him into one of the greatest assignments ever given. As I began to read over the exchange between Moses and God when he was calling Moses to his assignment, the Lord prompted me to look at where he was in his life, I soon realized just how bad of a place it really was. He then asked me to look at what he had, himself and a staff. Then He showed me that ultimately all Moses did was follow directions, and God did the rest. I thank God that He is so faithful to be the voice of truth that speaks louder than my insecurities. I am so thankful that He spent time to encourage me, and reassure me that where I am is exactly where I need to start. And that what I have is exactly what he will use. And that what I can do will be the launching pad for what He can do. My heart and my mind desperately needed that peace about pursuing the dreams He’s given me that are so much bigger than me. Maybe you needed it too. Whatever God is calling you to, be confident that wherever you are, whatever you have, and whatever you can do are enough for God to work with. He already considered all of those things before he called you. He isn’t limited by anything we don’t have, and can do anything that we can’t. He simply wants it to be us for that specific call. He simply wants us to follow His directions so That he can show us great and mighty things. Wherever you are, whatever you have, whatever you can do, it’s enough for God. Just take the first step, and answer His call ❤️

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