It’s not your job.

Have you ever wanted something so badly that you did everything in your power to try and make it happen? Yeah me too. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all about going after big dreams, being relentless in your pursuits, being creative and making things happen. But let me tell you, when you’re after something that’s not in Gods plan for you right now, you can use all your might, and every last once of your power and end up with nothing every single time. If you’re wondering how I know, it isn’t because I learned from others mistakes. I learned by first hand experience (sadly more than one time). There is not enough will power, gusto, ambition or sheer determination that can make Gods plans happen in your life before His time. You can do things to try and hurry them along, and end up in a mess. Just look at Abraham and Sarah. God already promised them a baby born by Sarah, and she couldn’t hold out and gave Abraham her Maiden as a wife who ended up bearing a child. It was nothing but trouble for all of them. I didn’t go through the exact thing, but I sure know what it’s like to long for a child. To have sooo much hopelessness in being able to conceive, then losing multiple babies, and waiting years for your miracle baby to arrive. I have so many regrets about that season of my life. I wholeheartedly wish I could have learned the lesson a lot sooner than I did. Unfortunately I’m pretty stubborn. So it took me a while. The terrible part of this truth is the waiting. It’s the having to hang on by a thread to Gods promises when you see absolutely nothing remotely close to what God actually promised you. It’s the trusting his timing when you just know your plans are way better (mostly because they don’t require waiting). But the beautiful part is, that when God does it, you don’t have to use any power, or any might, but by a single move of His spirit it’s accomplished in the perfect time, in the perfect way. It will leave you in awe at how every detail was covered perfectly, even things you never considered. You’ll be humbled and amazed at the timing of it all. How if it had been a minute sooner or later, it wouldn’t have been perfect for you. I’m in the middle of yet another one of these lessons, and I’m trying hard to apply what this verse has taught me. The struggle is real every single day. But I know what it’s like to try and force it, and I know what it’s like to settle for less, and I know what it’s like to wait for Gods best. I’ll wait for his best. Whatever it is you’re striving for that God promised you, don’t. It was a promise, not a challenge to see how you would get it. He wants you to rest in His promise, not stress out about how you’re going to make it happen. I am sharing this verse with you tonight to tell you that the Lord wants you to know when the time is right, it’ll simply take a split second move of His spirit to make it happen. Rest in that tonight friends. ❤️

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