Worth The Wait

Change is hard. So hard. But the truth is, so many times it would be completely useless for God to change our situation if we aren’t first changed. It so often requires a more mature version of us to be able to handle Gods best in our lives. I can look back on the many times I had to wait for God to change my situation, until he changed me. At the time I was mad, frustrated, felt like God was saying no. In reality he was just saying “not right now, you aren’t ready yet”. As I look back on those journeys, I see the beauty unfold each and every day I was waiting. I see the change that was occurring in me. I see my spiritual self striving for more, learning, growing, becoming stronger and wiser. It is so often that when our situation actually does change, we don’t really realize just how much we’ve changed day by day up to that point, until we are able to look back and reflect. Perhaps you’re in a waiting period. Maybe you feel like God is saying no. Maybe you’re frustrated. Maybe you feel like it’s never going to happen. I know, I’m there again right now. I so very much needed this reminder and maybe you do too. Things are happening day by day that God is using to change you in preparation for your situation to change. Maybe Gods been dealing with you about some things you’ve been stubborn about changing (guilty here). So maybe today’s the day we stop delaying our situation change, by our unwillingness to change ourselves. Don’t get discouraged on your journey! God is preparing you for his very best! You can do this! He is there entry step of the way, a very present help in time of need. The Lord loves you today and every day. Hang in there ❤️

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