It’s So Simple

This verse is one I’ve read and recited 1000 times. It has been the verse of the day on my bible app many times, and was again today. I love this verse. It’s one I quote a lot. But today, as I was sitting there working as fast as I could, the Lord brought this verse back to my mind. He then spoke to me. He said “Leiah, you know this verse, but you haven’t been using it. You haven’t even told me what you really need today.” He was right. Immediately I realized how tense I was. How much I had been worrying about in the back of my mind. How many things I was carrying around, pondering, but never actually brought them to the Lord. I had prayed for many things, and thanked the Lord, but I hadn’t told him and prayed about what was really weighing on my heart. Once I realized it, I wrote it all out. It just took a few minutes, but it made all the difference in my day. I was hesitant to share this today, because it’s so simple it’s almost embarrassing. I pray all the time. I pour out my heart all the time. I thank the Lord all the time. But so many times I forget how simple it is to take a worry that comes to my mind throughout the day and immediately turn it over in prayer. I forget to stop and think about what I really need that particular day and ask the Lord for it. I go through so many days lacking, and with extra worry simply because I forget just how simple it is to go to the Lord. Maybe you need to remember this too, and turn some things over to the Lord tonight. No matter what you need, He can supply it. ❤️

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