Daily Share- To whom shall we go?

“Simon Peter answered, “Lord, to whom shall we go? You [alone] have the words of eternal life [you are our only hope].”
‭‭JOHN‬ ‭6:68‬ ‭AMP‬‬

It’s been a tough week. I have survived on 3 hours of sleep more than once the last few days. There is sooo much going on, so many demands with my name on them. There have been things this week that make my heart happy and things that break it. I have felt so scattered and stretched thin. I’ve beat myself up for not being able to “do it all”, and then accepted that what I am doing is enough. It will just have to be. With so much chaos and so many unknowns and highs and lows this week, there has been one constant, Jesus.

I have been thinking so much lately about his life here on earth. He has been showing me day after day in his word that he’s been exactly where I am. For example, I have felt so terribly misunderstood a lot lately, and Jesus showed me several times in the word where he was quite often terribly misunderstood as well. Heaven help me at the times Jesus was misunderstood as he walked this earth trying so desperately to do good, knowing his purpose was to die for the sins of the same people that would misunderstand him. In fact, people are still misunderstanding Jesus every single day. Does he take back what he did on the cross for those people because of that? No. Did he throw in the towel on his destiny and purpose just because he was misunderstood? No. Will he stop pursuing hearts because they still don’t understand him? Absolutely not. He will not stop being who he is simply because someone else doesn’t understand it. We shouldn’t either.

You see, my feeling misunderstood could have lead me to a lot of things. It could have lead me to drink it away. It could have lead me to numb the feelings with a drug or food, or an adulterous affair. It could have lead me to lash out, to retaliate, to take revenge. It could have lead me to shut down, retreat into my own mind. It could have lead me to seek out approval or attention from others on social media. The possibilities are endless, yet there’s only one that my soul desires, Jesus.

Peter was answering Jesus in this verse when he asked his 12 disciples If they wanted to leave him as many other of his followers just had, after he explained who he truly was to them in the synagogue. Peter, while wild and unrefined in so many ways at the time, had one thing going for him. He knew exactly to whom he should go. Jesus.

He didn’t understand a lot, none of them did. He didn’t really know what Jesus was talking about most of the time, none of them did. But he knew enough to understand that Jesus was his only hope. He knew that even though he didn’t understand it all, that no one had touched his soul Ike Jesus. No one had loved him like Jesus. No one had cared enough about him to tell him the truth like Jesus. No one had ever told him that he was created to be more than a fisherman. No one had taken him under their wing, and told him that they wanted to make sure he had the very best of all that God had for him. No one had been there in his failures, just waiting to forgive him. No one had seen his potential, much less offered to die so he could reach it. No one filled the void in his soul that devoured anything and everything he tried to fill it with until Jesus came along. As far as Peter was concerned there was no other option but Jesus for him. Truth is, there’s no other option but Jesus for any of us. The sad thing is, I spent a lot of my life trying to make other things and option, and it just doesn’t work.

It is a daily realization for me more and more that Jesus is my only option. And I absolutely love it! It used to make me sad to think I couldn’t drink or drug or whatever else my problems away. I mean how was I going to deal with life? Would Jesus really be enough? Let’s get real here, we’ve all been there in some form or fashion, trying to do everything but go to Jesus about something. But once you’ve walked with him, once you’ve experienced his presence, once you’ve been loved on and forgiven, and encouraged and told who you really are. Once you’ve learned who he is and what he wants for you, and that he has gone to the greatest extent so you can have those things, there’s no turning back!

Once you realize that he’s your only option, things change. When things get tough, and people ask you why you keep going, you’ll say “To whom else shall I go?” When things get so incredibly unbearable that it looks like you aren’t going to make it, and someone asks you like Jobs wife, “why don’t you just curse God and die?” “Why don’t you just give up?” You’ll quickly answer “To whom else shall I go?” Because you’ll know where your hope is. You’ll know where your strength is. You’ll know where your help comes from. You’ll know who loves you. You’ll know who gave it all up for you. You’ll know who suffered and died for you. You’ll know who has done miracles, and pulled you out of pits too deep to ever climb out of. You’ll know who set you up on two feet when you never should have been able to recover. You’ll know who healed your body when the doctors said it wasn’t possible. You’ll know who restored your marriage that was in disrepair. You’ll know who mended your heart and healed hurts and wounds so old and so deep you never thought they’d go away. You’ll know who gave you that miracle baby after years of heartache and lost hope. You’ll know who gave you that house, that car, a good Job, food on your table, money to pay your bills. You’ll know who stretched those dollars when there wasn’t enough. You’ll know who sent you a word when despair had consumed you. You’ll know that there’s no one else but Jesus!

It doesn’t matter what we bring before Jesus, he can do it. He’s seen it all, he knows it all and he can handle it all. So isn’t it time that we FINALLY exhaust ALL other options and get up every single day saying in the face of our enemy, our trials, our toughest battles our doubts and fears: “To whom shall I go? Jesus!”

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