Daily Share- What’s the problem here?

Daily Share- What’s the problem here?

“Show me the right path, O Lord; point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me, for you are the God who saves me. All day long I put my hope in you.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭25:4-5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Have you ever said to your self when examining your life “What’s the problem here?”. I have.

I have found my self many times Over the years working so hard to obtain different promises of God in my life to no avail. It seemed the harder I worked, the worse things got. I would find my self frustrated, exhausted, and just plain mad at my lack of results. I would cry out to God asking why things weren’t happening despite my hard work, and then want him to feel as sorry for me as I felt for my self. Only the Lord knows how truly ridiculous I’ve been at times. My stubbornness has cost me dearly over the years.

It wasn’t until I really began to mature in my relationship with the Lord that I began to understand the source of my frustrations. It wasn’t God being slack on his promises, and it wasn’t my not working hard enough. The problem was my unwillingness to take the time that was required to find out exactly what God required of me to get to those promises in my life.

I’ve never had any trouble grabbing ahold of one of the promises of God in my life. I have however had trouble in taking the proper steps to get there. You see it takes a heart like David’s to get to Gods promises. It takes a heart that is willing to ask the Lord for precise directions on the right path to take. It then takes a heart that is willing to venture into the unknowns and be willing to let God teach you his ways in those places. It takes being continuously connected to God concerning your life. Oh me.

Now I really did have some of this stuff down pat. I could grab onto a promise, and even ask God to show me the right path. I wasn’t even afraid to go into the wild unknowns! But what I failed to do that always left me lacking, was to allow God to show me how to conquer those unknowns his way, rather than my own. I have gone head first in the right direction time and again only to manage to still end up in the wrong place. Saying “But God! YOU told me to go this way!” And him answering “Yes but you never asked what to do after you got started on the right path!” And boy did it cost me. It cost me the most precious things to do it my way. It cost me my joy, my peace, my time and my promise.

Thankfully the Lord is merciful, and willing to teach my stubborn heart. He has allowed me to see my past mistakes, and learn from them. He has shown me time and again that his ways are best, and will put you exactly where His promise is.

I can’t help but think of Moses. He did sooooo many things exactly how God had asked him to, and every single time it ended up exactly how God had promised. He had decades of proof that doing things Gods way always gets the best results, and he still missed Canaan land. He hit the rock instead of speaking to it as the Lord had told him to. He was headed in the right direction, walking on the right path, and still missed the promise of Canaan out of disobedience.

Believe me when I tell you that when you find your self asking “What’s the problem here?” Concerning your life, it may be you. You may be the one holding yourself back from Gods promises in your life. Maybe you’re afraid of the path he’s called you to take. Maybe you’re afraid of all the unknowns. Maybe you don’t think a promise that great could ever really be for someone like you. Maybe you just can’t bring your self to do it Gods way and give up control. Maybe you keep hoping in everything but God to get you there. No matter what it is keeping you from your promise, I’m here to tell you it’s time.

It’s time to give it up. It’s time to give up whatever it is that’s holding you back from Gods promises in your life and run full force ahead hoping in him. Trusting in him. Letting him lead you and guide you. Letting him teach you his way of doing things. Letting him show you just how big of a God he is. Letting him show you just how much he desires to give you his great promises concerning your life.

I hope you will let this verse be your hearts cry today, and that you will finally go after all that God has for you.

Thanks for joining me!

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