Daily Share- How soon we forget.

Daily Share- How soon we forget.

“When the people saw how long it was taking Moses to come back down the mountain, they gathered around Aaron. “Come on,” they said, “make us some gods who can lead us. We don’t know what happened to this fellow Moses, who brought us here from the land of Egypt.””
‭‭Exodus‬ ‭32:1‬ ‭NLT

There is no better way to get cold in God than to forget what all he’s done for you. The children of Israel are prime examples. At this point in the story, God has set them free from slavery which bound their people for over 400 years. He wiped out Pharaoh and his army when they came after them to take them back into slavery. He parted the Red Sea, and made a way to escape Pharaoh and his army when there was no way. He made them victorious over the Amorites who had come to attack them. He had sent an Angel to guide them and a Cloud by day and Fire by night. He provided them with food supernaturally. He provided them with water in the desert supernaturally. And in this passage he has called Moses up on the mountain to give him the Ten Commandments and clarify exactly what he required of them in 10 simple steps. God went above and beyond for his children, because he heard them cry out to him while they were still in slavery. They called for God. Yet while Moses was up on the mountain in yet another supernatural act to benefit them, they grew discontent and impatient. In the course of 40 days, they forgot ALL about what God had done for them. They were acting like Moses had just abandoned them, and were ready to replace him and God with a statue! Seriously?

I think about this and really I’m just left in awe at their actions. That is until I think about how the same thing quickly happens to us today. If we don’t pray today, we miss a connection with God, and an opportunity to thank him for all the things he’s done. Then it becomes easier to do the same tomorrow. If we don’t read our bible today we miss a connection to God through his word, and all the precious things he speaks to us through it. It then becomes a little easier not to read again tomorrow. If we don’t go to church, and do something else instead, week after week, we eventually forget the amazing thing that is a fellowship and connection with Gods people and his overwhelming presence we feel there. We forget how amazing it is to hear the word taught and preached to help us grow in Him. If the children of Israel can forget what all God did for them in less than 40 days and with little to no distractions out there in the desert, then how much more quickly can the same happen to us, with all the chaos that is our daily life?

I encourage you today, please take inventory of your spiritual life. Take a moment to think about what all God has done for you. Then take a minute to think about all you have done for God. Do you feel like you’re still connected, or that you’ve replaced your relationship with Jesus with something else? Are you still spending time with him? Are you still talking to him? Listening? Learning? Praising? If so, praise God! Keep going! If not, praise God that you have a chance to get it fixed! There’s no one in this life that cares for you the way Jesus does. There’s no one in this life that will go to the great measures he has to make sure you have the very best. There’s no one else who can set you free from the slavery of sin that had you bound. Remember, you asked Him to be your Lord and savior. I’d say it’s time we start acting like it. Oh me.

Remember that there’s nowhere in this life you can go that he won’t meet you there if you call on him. He will cross oceans, scale mountains or reach into the deepest depths of the sea for you. Don’t be so quick to forget who He is. It is by remembering where we came from, that we are able to realize how far we’ve come with Jesus.

Thanks for joining me! ❤️

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