Daily Share- He can bless you where you are.

Daily Share- He can bless you where you are.

“From the day Joseph was put in charge of his master’s household and property, the Lord began to bless Potiphar’s household for Joseph’s sake. All his household affairs ran smoothly, and his crops and livestock flourished.”
‭‭Genesis‬ ‭39:5‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Joseph is one of my favorite people from the Bible. His story is one that has challenged me to grow time and again, given me wisdom, and helped me to understand more about how God does things. Want to see someone that is the definition of perseverance? Just look at Joseph. He went from favorite child in the household, a dreamer of big dreams, to a victim of jealousy and envy at the hands of his brothers. He was betrayed, lied about, nearly killed, sold into slavery, and eventually thrown in prison, all while being faithful to God. Joseph didn’t do anything to deserve what happened to him, but life happened none the less. Not only did life happen, but some really terrible things happened to him. He was a young man when he was plucked from his fathers house. He never had a chance to say goodbye to his family, or friends, and was forced into a horrific situation by his brothers, just lucky they didn’t kill him and he ended up as a slave instead. Imagine that, lucky to be a slave. That was Joseph’s reality at one time. But no matter, God saw him there. God knew exactly where Joseph was, and he blessed him there, and his master because of him.

Sometimes we end up in some really terrible places in life. Sometimes our circumstances are not only not ideal, but quite frankly Inhuman. Sometimes it looks like not only can we not survive where we are, but there’s no way God could bless us there. Now don’t get me wrong, sin is never a place God will bless. So if you end up somewhere in sin don’t expect those circumstances to be blessed. Instead, expect mercy to come after repentance and grace to help you try again.

Joseph could have blamed his circumstances on his brothers, and rightly so. He could have blamed God for giving him such big dreams which caused his brothers to be jealous in the first place. He could have been angry, and bitter and resentful. He wasn’t. In what would be a string of horrible events for Joseph, he remained faithful to God. He continued to believe what God had told him concerning his life even though his circumstances didn’t line up with that. He continued to do the right thing when no one in his new surroundings would have cared. He was tempted and tested and had every reason to give up. He didn’t. And God blessed him. God took his circumstances and made sure he was shown favor. Joseph shined a light into the darkness and his master began to be blessed because of it. What an amazing God we serve. Not only can he bless you in a bad place, but he can use you to bless others there too. If only we could remember Joseph when we are in the middle. If only we could remember the dreams God gave us when it gets so hard we don’t think we will survive. Then, we would be able to be blessed in even our worst circumstances, and bless others there too.

Joseph didn’t just stay as a slave forever. He then became a prisoner. So while his circumstances went from bad to worse because he refused to do the wrong thing, he was actually moving closer to his dream. In fact, God blessed Joseph so much while he was a prisoner, that when the time came, it’s actually what got him out of there. He was taken from the prison to the palace to be one of the highest in command in the kingdom aside from the King himself. From the prison to the palace. You see God is consistent to bless us if we are consistent to be faithful to him. The dreams he puts inside of us will come to pass if we are only faithful to let him bless us in the in-between and in turn bless others there. It’s so easy to want to skip over the prison, and go straight to the palace, but we have to remember that no matter where we are God can bless us there, and use us to bless others there too!

Be encouraged in your in-between today, and remember what God did for Joseph he can and will do for you!

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