Daily Share- Can he trust you?

Daily Share- Can He trust you?

“Because of the miraculous signs Jesus did in Jerusalem at the Passover celebration, many began to trust in him. But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew all about people. No one needed to tell him about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart.”
‭‭John‬ ‭2:23-25‬ ‭NLT‬‬

No one has to explain the extent of human nature to Jesus. Despite the fact that the creator knew his creation, he came to experience it first hand. As he lived here on earth he went through it all. He was rejected, and hated. He was betrayed and beaten. He was loved, and accepted. He felt compassion and grief, love and disappointment. He did it all, experienced it all, and handled it gracefully, and sinless. I can’t say that for my self. But he already knows that too.

For some the thought of Jesus knowing everything in their hearts is scary. For me, it’s refreshing. I love knowing that I never have to explain my self to him. I hate explaining my self. Have you ever tried to explain your self to someone who doesn’t know you? It’s a train wreck. So many conclusions drawn based on impressions and mismatched information. Or how about explaining yourself to someone who should know you? You may not find as many pre drawn conclusions but usually you’ll a bit of quick fix advice for whatever you’re going through and end up disappointed. So the thought of someone knowing me down to the intentions of my heart is so amazing to me.

When I first gave my life to the Lord and our relationship began, I was always in awe at he cared about every detail of my life. He understood my heart, and all that I did. Finally! Someone who got me, even the most ridiculous obnoxious parts of me. That’s still my favorite thing about the Lord to this day. So when I read this verse I feel sad for the people it’s talking about.

Yes, it’s wonderful that they saw the miraculous things he did and believed in him because of that! But they missed the point. Yes he did, does and will do miraculous things, but that’s not what he came for. Jesus came for relationship. The rest is just a huge benefit of being in relationship with him.

So is it possible to believe in Jesus and for him to not be able to trust you? Apparently. Sure it’s great to believe in Jesus regardless, but to be trusted by him means building a relationship with him. Being close enough for him to reveal himself to you through a personal relationship, what an honor! If you only believe because of what he can do for you, it’s a one sided relationship. Those don’t ever last long. Perhaps that’s what Caused Jesus not to trust those people by sharing all of him self with them. He knew they only wanted the benefits of the relationship and not the relationship it’s self.

I always think about David when I think of someone the Lord could trust. He knew all the wonderful awesome things God could do, and he did ask him to do some pretty awesome things for him, but if you really look, he mostly asked for the Lord to correct him, and search his heart so he would be sure to be in a place where the Lord could trust him. He wanted to be open and clear with the Lord not because he was scared of him, not because he knew the Lord knew anyway, but because he was in close relationship with him. David cared about his relationship with the Lord. He didn’t want anything to come between them, and always tried to be conscious of that in his everyday life. David messed up. David messed up big, and more than once, yet he is named a man after God’s own heart. But why? Because the Lord could trust him to get it out in the open and get it corrected.

I wonder if you’re in the beautiful place where the Lord can trust you? Do you try to carry on a one sided relationship with him, only talking to him when you need something? Are You only interested in the miraculous things he can do for you? Or are you interested in him? In a real, true intimate relationship with the Lord? Are you going to back down the second someone questions you or challenges your faith? Oh and don’t worry, I’ve already been asked all these questions my self, so I’m just sharing in hopes that it encourages you to do the same thing I’ve been challenged to do.

Examine where you are, and where your relationship stands with the Lord. Are you praying for bigger blessings? A bigger platform? More work to do for Him? I know that the Lord wants to give you all that and more! I also know that he knows your heart, and knows when it’s in a place where he can trust you with more. It’s time to put it all out there. It’s time to expose your self to the Lord, and allow him to do the work in you he desires to do, so he can use you to do the work he has for you. There is no limit in God. He will give you as much as you can stand. I encourage you today to find out exactly how big his plans are for you, and commit to following them! He is faithful, and he’s desires for us to be faithful too.

Thanks for joining me!

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