God Only Knows

Theres a popular Christian song out currently by for King & Country called God Only Knows. Its got a catchy beat, and a hip rhythm, and the words are pretty repetitive. Its not usually the type of song that moves me, but this one did. It moved me the first time I heard it, and has again every time since. It really brought some things back into perspective for me that have been out of whack for a long time. The Chorus says:

God only knows what you’ve been through
God only knows what they say about you
God only knows how it’s killing you
But there’s a kind of love that God only knows
God only knows what you’ve been through
God only knows what they say about you
God only knows the real you
There’s a kind of love that God only knows

So. Much. Truth.

God only knows what you’ve been through. There is nobody, and I mean nobody, that knows what you have been through but God. Yes there are people who have been through similar situations, or circumstances, or suffered the same type of loss, but no one thats done it like you. There’s no one that truly understands your heart through any given experience. There’s no one who’s seen your life through your eyes and has felt every feeling they way you have. No one but God. So don’t feel discouraged when you surround your self with other people who have been through similar things and it only does so much for you. Don’t be angry when hearing someone else’s experience doesn’t heal your soul. It will help, surrounding your self with people that have suffered like you, hearing their stories, and sharing yours. But when it comes down to digging deep into your soul and offering the perfect remedy , God only knows.

God only knows what they say about you. Theres a popular quote that says “What other people think about you is none of your business”. Believe me when I say that it is one soul sucking existence to worry about what others say about you. You spend so much time and energy trying to hear every tidbit of every conversation that you were mentioned in. You even think people are talking about you when they aren’t because what you overheard sounds like it could be about you. You’ll eavesdrop, stalk social media pages, and assume every little muttered word or meme posted online is about you. Well so what if it is? What are you going to do about it? Try and convince someone that they shouldn’t say things about you? I’m pretty sure thats never worked. And I guarantee the things you do find out about are nothing in comparison to what is really said about you behind your back. We can’t live life doing God’s job. It’s his job to worry about those who are plotting against us, and protect us from the traps they set. It is his job to make sure each thing is recorded, and handled. It is not your job to know what people say about you. It is your job to live a life that you can be proud of, one that puts God first and honors him. Yes there are people talking. No, they don’t always say nice things. God only knows.

God only knows how it’s killing you. There are days when I have not been able to get out of bed. Days when the circumstances of my life were killing me in a way that I couldn’t explain. My heart hurt, my mind hurt, and my body hurt. Days of bitterness and resentment building up. Days of pity parties, and self loathing. Days of overwhelming anxieties and depression. God only knows about those days, and what they were really like. He only knows how on those certain days, the circumstances of my life were killing me. God only knows what its like to have a deadly disease that is killing your body when your spirit is still so alive. God only knows what its don’t to you when that person you trusted betrays you to the fullest extent. God only knows how you feel less alive since you lost your child, your parent, your very best friend. God only knows.

God only knows the real you. This by far is my favorite truth outside of salvation in the bible. The truth that God knows me inside and out. He knows you too. He knows the you that lays awake at night replaying the last conversation you had with someone before they were gone. He knows the regrets you have for all the things you didn’t say, and the opportunities in life you didn’t take. God knows the crazy dreams you have to preach crusades like Billy Graham, or be a fashion model, or cheer for the Dallas Cowboys, or be the next Joyce Meyer, or open up a restaurant, or travel the world. He knows every secret wish, everything you hide from the world because you don’t think they can quite handle it. He knows that you were made for more. He knows that you don’t have to settle for anything less than amazing in this life. He knows that he wants you to shine, and show the world the beauty he created in you. He knows that he doesn’t want not one single talent to be wasted and unused at the end of your life. He knows that he loves you with a reckless love, and that he will go with you to the ends of the earth and beyond if you’ll let him. I don’t have to hide from God. I am free. So free in his presence. I can rip off the masks, tear down the walls, and pour out my heart to him. I can show him the real me, and not worry about if its “too much” or if he can handle it. He tells me who I really am in his presence, not who people say I am or the world assumes I should be. After all, God only knows.

Theres a kind of love that God only knows. I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know that God loved me. I do however remember the time I actually opened up enough to him to experience that love head on. It was overwhelming. I felt complete, and whole, and alive, and renewed, and hopeful, and like I could accomplish anything. That’s what love from someone who truly “gets you” feels like. Yes some of us are lucky enough to have friends, and even marry someone that “gets us” on the surface, but they still can’t love us the way God does. God knows the ins and outs of you, the ups and downs, the highest highs and lowest lows of you. He knows the good the bad and the ugliest nastiest thing you’ve ever done, and he loves you anyway. He sees your struggles and he knows your pain. He offers the perfect words of encouragement at the perfect times. He speaks to you in a way that he knows you will understand best. He loves on you relentlessly if you will let him. He loved you enough before you were even formed in the womb to hang on a cross, and handle your business there. He faced every sin you would ever commit. He took all the shame and guilt from those sins on himself. He felt that for you. He took your punishment, for things that you would do wrong. He was beat almost beyond recognition for you to have healing, and bled and died so that you would never have to experience the torment that is hell. He experienced it for you. He experienced all of that for you. No one else has, or ever will be able to love you like that. No one else would even try. Theres a kind of love that God only knows.

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